Permits are required to ensure the safety of buildings and homes, and not just for current tenants and owners. Building codes, the driving force behind the requirement for permits, have been created to ensure safety.  All work performed within the scope of a permit will require at least one, if not multiple, inspections.  The inspections are necessary to verify that all work is completed within safety and code guidelines.

Performing work under a permit and having inspections done ensures that work is done to building code requirements at the time the work was performed.   Proper documentation of permits and inspections may seem trivial, but there are many reasons besides code compliance as to why they are important.  Obtaining the necessary permits for work can help to prevent possible future disputes between you and your insurance company or you and a future buyer of your home or business.  Improperly permitted work can end up costing more in the long run if you should ever need to file an insurance claim, sell your property or even perform properly permitted work on a newly purchased property.

Waiting until after the completion of work to pull a permit, no matter the reason, can cost you up to or more than double what the initial cost would have been.  The jurisdiction you obtain a permit through reserves the right to charge fines and enforce penalties when a permit is not properly obtained, before completion of work. You may also stand the chance of having to tear out completed components of the work to pass inspections, or worse, to be forced to tear out completed components of work that does not meet code compliance.  That is why it is important when you are purchasing a home to verify that any upgrades, plumbing or electrical work performed on the home were permitted and inspected by your local jurisdiction.  Permit and inspection records are public record so it is easy to find out what permits were pulled for any address.  This is also the reason why you want a thorough home inspection performed, any non-permitted work may be not only costly to you but also a safety concern.

Obtaining a permit is often referred to as “pulling” a permit.  If you have contracted a company to perform the work, they are responsible for pulling the permit and should have the cost built into your estimate.  (If a hired contractor is doing remodel work and is not pulling a permit you’ll want to investigate and verify that you are working with a legitimate and licensed contractor).  Once the contractor has pulled the permit and begun work they will know which inspections need to be requested and at what times.  Permits and inspections also assist in keeping hired contractors honest in matters of both money and workmanship.

Building codes continue to change and evolve to ensure that the best and safest building practices are used. Permits are pulled to ensure that building code requirements are met for home improvements, remodel and renovation work.  APower Electric Service is a licensed electrical contractor with the State of Colorado and within most cities and counties throughout the state. You can be assured that hiring APower means your electrical work will be completed to the highest standards and all work will be completed to meet or exceed current code requirements.

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