There are a few particular distinctions which differentiate a house from a home. All these distinctions arise from a sense of attachment and belonging. These can directly be referred to the things that draw you back to your house as soon as you leave home. Every aspect of your house, starting from the décor to the floors and even flooring accessories play a part in your attachment to your house.

Fine flooring not only draws your attention but the attention of everyone who steps on it. It is the main head-turner at your house. The best flooring, considered by popularity votes is bamboo flooring.

Here are the several irrefutable benefits of using bamboos as flooring materials:

People Are Familiar with the Uses of Bamboo:

Bamboo flooring is a new-comer in the flooring industry, relatively. However, since its inception, it has successfully ‘floored’ the competition and emerged as a favourite. This is mainly because of the fame of bamboo as a building material and support material. It has been used for centuries to support buildings and structures. Surely a floor made of bamboo would appeal to the masses.

Bamboo Has Super-Strength and Durability:

Bamboo flooring, even with the simplest of arrangements, can easily be a tough competition for other forms of flooring. A single overlapping vertical or horizontal arrangement is enough to be a contender to oak’s strength. And, a strand woven bamboo arrangement has twice the strength of Oak flooring. This strength and durability have been put to the test and it has prevailed under the most inhospitable conditions. They excel in extreme temperature and humidity in this regard.

Bamboo Flooring is Eco-Friendly:

Bamboo, as a basic material is highly sustainable. It takes only about five years to fully mature and cutting the bamboo ‘grass’ doesn’t mean the destruction of that part of the soil, as new bamboo sprouts can grow from the pre-existing roots of the felled bamboo plant. It grows naturally and does not require special treatment. This eliminates the need to use any type of fertiliser, which often proves hazardous for nature.

Bamboo Flooring Requires Low Maintenance:

Just one sweep of the vacuum is almost always enough to completely clean bamboo flooring since the accumulation of dust under the nicks is virtually none. If you choose to polish the floor after cleaning, which you should, every couple of months at least, a non-wax based solution can be applied with a simple sweeping session.

Bamboo Flooring Is in Vogue and Will Stay in Vogue:

The latest trend in the market to opt for eco-friendly alternatives to their daily used products has seen a rise in demand for bamboo flooring. Their strength, durability, eco-friendly nature and, not to forget, easy customisability, has made them a favourite as a flooring material. There are different numbers of finishes that can be applied to bamboo flooring. However, it is their re-finish ability that steals the show.

Whether you are renovating your house or you’re building a new home, bamboo flooring is the gate to the feature. It is sustainable, affordable and durable. There is no other product that offers that same unparalleled trifecta of benefits as offered by bamboo flooring.

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