What Makes the Ivan Grundahl Fashion Brand Unique?

Ivan Grundahl is a Denmark-based fashion house which was established in Copenhagen in 1973. The fashion line carries a heritage of dark Nordic aesthetics and bold style statements. The clothing articles have a unique layering and structure. The style of the clothing articles of the fashion line is deconstructed and arranged in subtle consistency with uniform-like items.

The fashion line consists of both black and monochrome clothes as well as the highly different light, neutral and soft-shaded clothes. One of the unique features of the clothes of the Ivan Grundahl fashion line is the contradiction they showcase between construction and fluidity. The clothes of the designer label outline a balance between rustic simplicity and subtle elegance through the use of distressed materials, authentic fibers and high-quality leather. Ivan Grundahl clothing has an appeal for empowered and liberal-minded women. The clothes of the fashion brand are reputed throughout the world for their exquisite craftsman and sophisticated sensuality. 

The Ivan Grundahl fashion line has especially gained a lot of popularity in the Scandinavian countries like Denmark, over the last three decades. The fashion house has stores all over the world, with the majority being in northern Europe. The brand has also made its noticeable mark in the United States of America. Over the last decade, the fashion designer has built and strengthened the reputation of his fashion brand not just in the Danish fashion industry but the global fashion industry.

His fashion influence continues to be reflected in every collection that he presents. The basic DNA of the Ivan Grundahl fashion design is an edgy, avant-garde aesthetic and international appeal. In the collection of urban outfits, there is a fusion of asymmetrical lines, clean-cut architectural designs of Scandinavia, irregular patterns and uneven silhouette. The design of these clothes is carved with generous patterns and casual ruffles which is a testament to the harmony, balance, and freedom of movement which is the underlying essence of the Ivan Grundahl clothes.

The following are some of the essential features of the Ivan Grandahl fashion label which lends the clothes great uniqueness:

  • The cuts and patterns
  • Choice and mix of fabrics
  • Unique Knitting style
  • Focus on heavy layering
  • Sculptural tailoring
  • Prominent focus on textured and leathered fabrics

The following are some of the unique pieces of the Ivan Grundahl fashion label:

  • Black jackets with white seams
  • Trousers embellished with belt ties hanging at the sides and dragging along the ground
  • Black crushed-velvet ground exquisitely pleated at the hip and equipped with a neckline that extends past the chin.
  • Huge-sized leather pocket bags

Some of the other products of the fashion line are long skirts, cardigans, trousers, accessories, casual pants, T-shirts, and scarves. The fashion label is also known for clothing items like knitwear, fairy skirt combos, and flat boots. The Ivan Grundahl fashion label also operates its online web-shop. The clothes cater to people who have unconventional fashion tastes.

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