The Woman Men Adore

Know how to effectively arouse him. Men aren't all about sex. As opposed to the world telling you that men simply want to get into your pants - reality actually confirms that there's more to these species than just the bedroom encounter. Stimulate him in ways that you haven't done before. If you're pretty, be gorgeous this time! If you are smart, be truly intelligent and prove to him that you're the best one out there. Women tend to play coy and ever so gentle that they sometimes forget how to have fun! Men look forward to spending happy moments with you, not just the romantic instances. Don't suck the fun out of your relationship by pouting or nagging all the time.

Show him the sexy you. Perhaps you've been too decent around your man. If you want to hook him up - and fast - you've got to let him see what he hasn't seen in all those months that you've been dating! Prove to him that you have a winning sex appeal. Bring in some naughtiness into the relationship. Keep teasing your guy. Do him sexual favors if you have to! These are like bait that would make him keep coming back for more. Don't be a controlling woman. Don't ever let him feel that you've been manipulating him in any manner.

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