The Manifestation Miracle

Remember we are on this planet seeking spiritual wholeness (wholeness of self). Our minds are what feel masculine or feminine and we seek from that point of reality. The body implies we are indeed either male or female, and because seeing is believing in the physical world, we get locked into the idea that what we see has to be exactly what it is. We fail to look beyond what we see. We don't ask what it is that actually runs the body and what components contribute to the complexities that contradict what we expect because of our visual conclusion.
At the core; the center of our existence, we are equally masculine and feminine, male and female energy; we are fully integrated. Only in this realm of duality do we separate ourselves from that wholeness. We cannot know all that we are if we cannot see what we think we are not. This planet is one of duality and resistance, and it is through these that we grow into awareness of self.
When we experience life in a male body we are considered inherently objective, mental and strong. Women are considered inherently subjective, emotional and physically weaker than her male counterparts. Our bodies reinforce our differences apart from the obvious sexual distinctions.

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