Troops to Principals Induction Program, offering alternative certification program for qualified retired military veterans

H. Michael Edwards, Maj. Gen., COANG, states that:  “Service members gain a wealth of leadership experience during their service that can directly benefit our educational institutions.  School Leaders for America Troops to Principals program recognizes the value of such leadership experiences and provides service members with an alternative avenue in acquiring their credentials and licensure to continue service in school administration as an Assistant Principal or Principal upon transition from military service.”

A Principal Induction Program, Troops to Principals, specifically designed for military veterans interested in become school principals is being sponsored by Colorado Springs, School District 11 and  *School Leaders for Colorado, . Selected candidates who enter the program are able to obtain their Principal License in as little as one year and will complete an *internship at Colorado Springs District 11 or at one of the partner school districts, similar to a student teaching component.

In 2006 the Colorado State Board of Education authorized the development of alternative programs to help school districts facing shortages of licensed principals. This allows districts to hire qualified people who want to be school leaders, but may be entering the profession who have retired from the military without a principal license. School Leaders for Colorado, Inc., as a designated agent for the Colorado Department of Education, will assist these candidates into becoming licensed through an alternative principal licensure program approved by the Colorado Board of Education. The program is based on the eleven state standards for the principal-ship and requires students to show proficiency in each of the standards and benchmarks.  Candidates must meet the requirements established by the Colorado Department of Education to complete the program.


*Internships with mentor principals are not a paid position.

*School Leaders for Colorado, Inc. is operated by School Leaders for America, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) non-profit educational corporation. 

Applications are currently being accepted through July 31, 2013. Applications can be found on the website at:

This program does have a modest tuition for coursework and placement. Current candidates pay their own way.  There are currently 12 candidates doing the Alternative Licensure Program.  School Leaders of America (SLA) does offer a deferred tuition program.  . The average tuition cost is $5,900. There is a one-time registration/administration fee of $600.00, which is non-refundable. As this is not a degree program,  the use of the GI Bill is not allowed. Candidates completing the program receive their Colorado Professional Principal License.

If you would like further information including specifics, please direct your questions to Dr. John Evans

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