Trends and Characteristics of custom-made Cabinets

Cabinetry is like a piece of art that serves many purposes other than providing aesthetic value to a house. Wood-Mode has been in the line of cabinetry for years, and various companies exploit their super-class innovations in cabinetry to cater to their customers.

Brookhaven is a part of Wood-Mode that provides cabinetry solutions tailored to fit any customer demand. Brookhaven cabinets can be found in two varieties:  "framed cabinets" and "frameless cabinets." 

This article will sum up the latest trends being found in custom-made cabinetry.

  • Cabinetry design trends are becoming more colorful and theme-oriented to reflect the choice of the owners. The kitchen and bath cabinets are being designed with color, purpose, style, and functionality while reflecting how one wants to feel inside their personal space.
  • The horizontal orientation of the cabinets is being given more preference than vertical ones. This reduces the need to stack cabinets vertically, making it easily accessible. Easy-to-access, automated drawers enhance the look while making the cabinet clutter-free.
  • Functional areas are being incorporated into the cabinetry to increase space and usability without compromising on the visual outlook. Doors that open up to reveal another room are being introduced to cabinetry. Such rooms like changing rooms or study rooms usually meant for having personal use. The doors are used to keep such rooms hidden from the eyes of guests.
  • The doors of the cabinets are made with clean- line designs to increase long-term flexibility. Having a transitional design flow in every room is being preferred by homeowners as they make the room look spacious and open for various purposes.
  • Modern technologies like charging stations, in-home workplaces, light and sound options are being incorporated into the cabinets to define the designs more.
  • The cabinets are also made more personalized by adding handcrafted touches to their finesse. Industrial materials like copper pipes, blackened handles or burnished accessories are also being used to add a different enhancement to the looks of the cabinet.
  • Some designs of the late centuries that give a rustic look to the cabinets have been in vogue for many years. They offer timelessness to the cabinets and upgrade the overall outlook of the house.

Notable characteristics of Brookhaven’s custom-made cabinets include:

  1. Exquisite finish achieved through multiple steps of painting and hand-staining.
  2. Integrated clips lock the shelves, boxes, and cases tightly to prevent insect or rodent attacks.
  3. Heavy-duty maple and cherry wood are used to achieve the best quality cabinetry.
  4. Extendable drawers offer large storage space.
  5. Flexible hinges enable cabinet doors to open up to 180⁰

Innovations are sweeping into the cabinet industry to produce better-personalised options for every household. Customers can either choose from the pre-made catalog or think out-of-the-box to make their personalized cabinetry that suits their taste.

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