Top 4 Benefits of Using the Right Large Format Scanner

If you have the right tools, any job will be easy for you to do. And the same rule applies to scanners as well. But what exactly are the functions of a scanner? Who needs to use it? What are the challenges, problems or issues that can be overcome by using a wide format scanner? (Information credit: ByColortrac)

Here are some points that will help you to understand what large format scanners can achieve and the advantages of using these:

1.    Copy and print

Are you already an owner of a wide format printer? Then you can definitely buy a large format scanner, as this will help you to get the most out of both. If you are making copies for project collaboration or for your customers, then a color-capable large format scanner that works seamlessly with your printer is a must-have. When you have a lot of things to do, then you can make use of these scanners as they are capable of delivering faster scans to multiple printers and that too, without taking much time to adjust or connect.

2.    Capture and archive

Companies, these days, are capturing more and more documents. The reason behind this is that, if they create a digital archive of all your documents, it will keep you free of trivial hassles and make sure that you are never without information in the future. It does not matter if it is your day to day backup scan or a big archiving project. If you have the right software and scanner, you will be able to save a lot of time, as well as the cost of outsourcing your scanning requirements. In case you have a huge regular workflow, you will need a scanner that will be able to fit and adapt easily, and not slow you down.

3.    Edit and enhance

There are times when the image that is scanned is just the starting point. Document revision and editing usually start with the process of scanning a physical document. If the document is old, then getting a high quality, fresh and clean scan can make a real difference. If you have to manually redraw old maps from scratch and then update the drawing, it can take up a lot of your valuable time. But if you use specialized software with a large format scanner, then your work will be done reliably, accurately, as well as quickly by capturing all your documents for further editing, enhancement or conversion.

4.    Email and share

In a cooperative work environment, a large format scanner can be very helpful, as it can let you share simple concepts, drawing changes, project proposal materials, document revisions and many more. If you buy an ideal scanning solution, it will synchronize with your office environment, by connecting to the workstations, network and printers as well as scanning to shared file servers and emails.

If you are planning to use large format scanners to streamline your business processes, you need to bear in mind that you have to use large format paper. These scanners are used in industries that include manufacturing, engineering, construction, architecture and various other planning departments. In operations such as scanning of very old documents and blueprints, large format paper is used. With a normal format scanner it would be a lot more difficult to scan these documents. It is therefore advisable for you to switch to using a large format scanner.

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