The Role of Freight Forwarders in Export Business

An efficient logistics system plays a crucial role in the growth of a company. Your freight service provider dutifully performs the task of arranging all types of carriers and transportation, which is required to reach the ultimate destination. If there is a need to send cargo overseas, businesses rely on expert services. A professional freight forwarder will provide you with the convenience of efficient services, proper insurance, adequate storage and easy transportation.

Who are the freight forwarders?

A freight forwarder can be a company or a person that dispatches and arranges the shipment or carriers for a third party. The third party can be an individual, a small size business or a big corporate organisation. They organise the transportation for the goods, within or outside the country. Thus, freight forwarders make your business process dynamic and standardised.

Here are four important roles played by the international freight forwarders in South Africa.

1. Experience and Knowledge

A professional freight forwarder should have a proper understanding of the logistics industry and the different processes associated with it. They can also guide you through the custom clearance and other important topics. Their knowledge also allows them to provide you with the best solutions so that handle the risk effectively.

They also advise exporters about the affordable means of freight shipping. They also help experts to get in touch with the expert trader areas like international marketing, international banking, marine insurance and government exports.

2. Updated resources

Another important role played by the international freight forwarders is that they use state-of-the-art technologies that will help in optimising all your company’s logistics and import and export matters. They also use modern online tracking outlets which are an essential part of the logistic system. They ensure that the goods are being handled with utmost care and safety. They also follow the deadlines strictly to deliver your order timely.

3. Globalisation and worldwide visibility

In modern days, with increased competition rate, the companies are required to have worldwide visibility to get more clients and partnerships. Professional freight forwarders in South Africa are generally the part of network connections around the globe. They act as a platform that allows interactions between the forwarders and the international business. Thus, by hiring an international freight forwarder, you can avail efficient services if required.

4. Customer service

A good freight forwarder should have an effective customer support department, to attend the queries of the customers, whenever there is a need. The customer support team also handles the custom paperwork on behalf of their customers. They also offer customer clearance service as well as simplifying the business procedure.

Freight forwarders should follow ISO 9000 international process quality certification standards. Apart from this, they should take part in different types of programs. All these certify their standards of professionalism. By analysing their background, you get an idea about their experience in market, sustainability, responsibility, and reliability.

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