Discover How To Make Over £1,000 Per Week On The Football!

The Goal Strategy

Want to place just 2 bets per week and make £337 profit?

That’s what Darren Hayward has done so far this season using his betting method…

Just 2 bets per weekend on the Premier League has seen him make £4,044 profit in just 12 weeks. Thats an
average of £337 per weekend this season.

The Goal Strategy is a low risk strategy

The 2 bets are placed at the same time.

We only need 1 to win to make profit.

Simply put the odds on one bet are NEVER lower than 2.01

Meaning 50% means we make a profit.

Overall on the season I have hit 54.17% of bets but 75% of the bets at the lower end have come in.

Only 3 weeks we have lost both bets. The other 9 weeks week have all seen profit.

The profit increases massivley when we hit the 2nd bet which I have done 4 times so far this season.

When both bets come in, you’re looking at over a 10pt profit, or over £1,000 profit on the week to £100 bets.

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