The A to Z Handbook on Effective Marketing Collaterals II

Branding is what keeps a company alive. Having a product with an USPmakes no difference if people do not get to know about it. The one and only way to spread information about your products and services is through your marketing collaterals. Brochures, catalogues, magazines and advertisements may feel as if they are unimportant, but that is very far from the truth. The success of any business is largely dependent on how many people know about it. In today’s world, digital marketing has brought about a revolution in how we market ourselves. But that does not mean that print is dead.


Even today, many people prefer the physical touch of paper as it brushes across their hands. They enjoy smelling the pages, paying attention to each word that is printed – they like to enjoy the design. The design incorporates the philosophy of the Company, and can immediately create a visual impact and help in retaining a visual of your business in the consumer’s mind. At Anderson Printing House, we put together printing and designing to offer services in quality marketing collaterals to build brands.


1)    Build Connections with the Consumer: The minute a potential consumer gets hold of one of your marketing collaterals, they forge a connection with you.Successful marketing collaterals are created by recognizing this potential to interact and are conceptualized to appeal and attract.

2)    Give Your Sales Team an Effective Branding Solution: There is nothing more embarrassing than appearing in front of a prospective client, being asked to hand over a brochure or catalogue, and having to say that you do not have any. Situations such as these could instantly tarnish the reputation of any business, and makes the sales team vulnerable. To be effective, they need the right tools for success – and quality marketing collaterals such as printed brochures give them just that. With the right equipment in hand – a beautifully designed marketing collateral of superior print quality, they are more likely to capture attention and be able to convince the other person to buy or invest. Besides, the lack of marketing collaterals is a very easy way to create a terrible impression on a prospective client.

3)    Improve Company Morale: A brand new website or a well-designed business card can boost morale around the company. They act as visual representations that you are working towards something successful. Aside from being an effective way to disseminate information about your brand, it is also an effective way to see how employees interact with the same. Quality marketing collaterals are those which help even a new employee understand how your company works at the base. It is also a good idea to take opinions from your employees about your marketing collaterals, such as printed brochures. If your own employee points out an issue, then you can rest assured that a potential consumer will notice it as well. Similarly, if your employees are enthusiastic about the marketing collaterals, consumers are more likely to enjoy that campaign as well.

4)    Tell a Story: Successful marketing collaterals often have a single concept that they base the design around. A residential building focusing on eco-friendly features can base their concept around nature, as a common example. Not only do such concepts help to streamline the thought process, they also take the crucial elements from your vision and integrate that into your marketing collaterals. People who browse those collaterals find out not just about the company’s products and services, but also find a story that illustrates the journey of the brand so far.


Anderson Printing House is the ideal destination to obtain quality marketing collaterals such as printed brochures. With an experienced team of designers who have an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of printing, the beauty of the design reflects in the quality of the printing as well.


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