Teaching Kids about Body Parts through Music

Are you looking for a fun way to teach your kid the different parts of the human body? Kids may know common terms like arm and legs but an overall knowledge of the human body is often neglected. To a kid, learning about the human body is a different ball game altogether. As children have a tendency to be restless and inattentive, the best way for teaching kids about body parts is through interactive videos and content.

Required features of any educational song for kids

There are several educational websites which are churning out kid-friendly content on a regular basis. Content can be anything, from catchy songs, fun videos to games puzzles. For example, the YouTube video “The Parts of the Head Song” is an excellent audio-visual experience designed to make kids understand about the parts of the head. A good educational video should have the following features.

  1. Vocabulary:  Educational songs covering a specific topic like the human body should have the terms or vocabulary that the child must get acquainted with.
  2. Synonyms:  In cases where synonyms are used to denote an object, the meaning should be easily clarified from the images being displayed along with the words.
  3. Translation problems: Educational websites should have different versions prepared for separate demographics. This is because, in many languages, there is more than one common word for a body part. Examples include Japanese word for “leg” and “foot” being the same.
  4. Age-related Content:  All educational songs and videos should have content which is appropriate for little children. Visuals should be kept as clean and engaging as possible, without being too disturbing or loud.  The visual content should invoke interest in the child and not make him/her avoid it.

Advantages of Educational Songs for Kids

It is a well known fact that even newly born infants can recognize and respond to tunes and songs. As they grow up, educational videos can teach them pattern, pulse, rhyme, and structure of sentences, without the complication of language. The advantages include:

  1. Exercise: Singing and moving along to a favorite song can actually be a helpful aerobic exercise.  Exercise is known to increase the efficiency of the cardio-vascular system, which is essential for small kids, who can easily become absorbed into the physical sensation of movement.   It helps in stress relief, oxygenation of the blood, and in increasing alertness.
  2. Bonding: Educational videos can serve as a perfect tool for bonding among infants and children alike. They can express their feelings of joy, excitement, and fear or express pride. As musical activities use several areas of the brain, including the parts for language, educational videos do a great job of developing these areas in children.

Animated videos like the “parts of the head” song can serve as a great educational tool for understanding the concepts showing kids how to express emotion, and cultivate imagination.

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