Staying Healthy and Mentally Sound

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I am sure that you have seen and read many articles and guide books about how important it is to be healthy. In fact, the majority of the information out there is always talking about eating "good" food, being aware of the things that have an infliction upon your body, buying the right cosmetics for "your skin" - but, not that many actually take into account that well-being is not only a "body shape" problem. It is so much more complex than that. So when I read all the experts and gurus about what being healthy is all about, I often become very cross.

So now you are thinking "well what is he all about then??" - and I do not blame you. Since instead of criticizing the rest, I will tell you what is so important. It is called having a hobby.

Yes, a hobby. Why is this so important? Well because you need to have interests in your life. You cannot be a person that only thinks about their physical health - which does not mean of course, that you should not. I merely imply that you need to have some interests to also stay mentally healthy.

A good example is photography. There are so many things that you can do with a camera. You can bring life to objects that never had a life before, you can create stunning images that will incapacitate a lot of people - you create art. And that is one of the main aspects of staying mentally sound in my case. Of course, you can do other things like paint, or even write novels. However, in my personal opinion, photography works best for me.

If you search the net for hobbies, I am sure you will find many interesting resources, and ideas for what your hobby should be like. If you choose to become a hobbyist photographer (like me) then I suggest to you, too look for good cameras (just so you know, you really do not need the best!!) and some decent lenses. Also filters are a good idea - they can help you bring that extra depth into your photos.

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