Skin Whether You Are Biracial or Monoracial


Can't you see what I see? No relationship is perfect, but it doesn't have to be 'war of roses' either. The key to resolving disputes, and one of the best ways to save the relationships, is to be able to understand other party's point of view (POV). Not an  Love Commands Review   easy proposition, because most of us are pretty stuck in our ways. It takes a lot of maturity and confidence to be able to relieve yourself from the bondage of your own conviction and jump into the darkness of another persons POV. But, that's the adventure that needs to be undertaken if you want to realize where the other person is coming from. 

Love potion! Make them feel loved. Once upon a time, boy met girl and they were madly in love! Remember the feeling? Secret to long-lasting relationships is to keep that fire kindled. It's true that life's ups and downs will challenge this effort, but 'true feelings' is the fuel that will help keep the fire going. Whether you are trying to make a relationship work, or trying to get back your ex; actively express your feelings, verbally as well as physically. Make that move now!

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