Discover how Aaron Collins made over £2,400 per month by doing what others don’t!

Rogue Punter

This simple approach to betting will make you more than any other tipster you are following so I have ONE piece of important advice for you…

If you’re not making over £2,400 per month from your betting, ditch your tipsters and keep reading on.

I’m Aaron Collins and for a lot of years I followed tipsters, I ditched the unprofitable ones and stuck with the profitable ones.

I was making a bit of cash, but no where near what I wanted from my betting.

A few hundred per month but by the time I’d taken out my subscription costs I was lucky to break the £200 barrier.

What I found over those years following many tipsters is that they all did the same thing.

– Same bets every day.
– Lay tipsters picked lays every day.
– Win tipsters picked wins every day.
– Each way tipsters picked each way bets every day.


Some said they were following a system, which is fair enough, but these turned out to be the services that weren’t all that profitable.

Others simply didn’t reply to my question, I’m sure you’ve experienced that.

I’m sure lots do it because that’s what other tipsters do.

Others probably don’t have the knowledge or simply cannot be arsed to look over the days racing to find the best bets.

That’s what I wanted.

Someone who looked over the racing and gave me the best bets possible, no matter what type or bet or market, just give me the best bets they can.

Ever come across a tipster who is absolutely shocking at picking winners?

I have and I haven’t unfollowed some of these yet and I’ll explain why shortly!

I’ve been a horse race bettor for many years, created systems and picked my own bets way before I started following tipsters, but I got lazy, fell for the marketing more times than I care to mention and got stuck in a rut joining new tipsters only to be disappointed over and over again.

Like I mentioned, a few were good, but none gave me what I wanted.

Last Summer I decided to stop being lazy and do it myself.

If it went pear shaped I’d go back to following the few good tipsters I’d found.

Fast forward just over 6 months and it was the best decision I have made in a long time.

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