Reasons Why You Should Go for a Steel Watch Strap

Stainless steel watch bands have long been regarded as the single most important element which adds class and elegance to a particular watch design. It combines functionality and fashion and helps create an attractive accessory to any outfit for any occasions. They are suitable for diving and swimming because of their hard-wearing and water resistant capabilities. Stainless steel may be a bit more expensive than their leather or rubber counterparts, but serves as a long lasting asset.

Reasons for its popularity

Much of the popularity of stainless steel watch bands can be attributed to its durability. Additionally, there are some reasons as to why people prefer stainless steel watch bands, which are highlighted below.

  • For a Classic and Polished Look:  Many prefer stainless steel straps for achieving a polished and classy look. Steel straps are suitable for any occasion, from an office environment to late night clubbing scenes, it fits right in.
  • Extremely Durable: Stainless steel is an extremely durable choice while selecting watch strap material and is far ahead of its leather counterparts.  They can withstand a variety of weather conditions and is less susceptible to damage. Because stainless steel is strong, watches with these straps are perfect for any outdoor activity or sports.
  • Maintenance:  As stated above, stainless steel is probably the strongest yet lightest strap material available, and requires much less maintenance than leather or other materials. Leather straps tend to lose their shine over the years, with the outside surface gradually disintegrating with frequent use. As a result, several measures have to be taken to extend their life. However, stainless steel does not require much maintenance as it is generally stronger. Steel does not have microscopic pores which are in danger of accumulating dust, dirt, perspiration and stains. Cleaning can be done simply, with a soft wet cloth and dish soap.
  •  Protection against rust: Most stainless steel watch straps are made with “316 stainless steel” and are treated with the appropriate chemical solutions to protect against rust. This is an important consideration for many customers if they live in an area that is very humid or experiences frequent showers. Leather straps do not fare well under adverse weather condition especially when exposed to water for an extended period of time.
  • Available Shades: Modern processes like physical vapour deposit and ionic plating have made coating stainless steel possible. They are generally available in multiple colours unlike leather. Leather usually comes in black or brown and coated leather colours are generally not long lasting. Customers prefer the natural silver hue, or black, as well as two-toned colours.

Things to Avoid

Because of the rise in popularity of stainless steel watches, companies and watch manufacturers around the globe have started producing their own. However, with this increased demand comes the emergence of counterfeit products using fake stainless steel materials. These counterfeit watches use alloys that are not technically stainless steel, and is subject to corrosion and fading. The ideal stainless steel combination should be primarily made up of iron, carbon and at least a 10.5 percentage of chromium. Any alloy that does not meet these requirements is significantly weaker than the genuine material and can be damaged easily.

Stainless steel straps definitely project a more classic look than leather or rubber. Many iconic watch straps and watch bracelets are made from stainless steel. Most stainless steel watches have a composition of iron-carbon alloy along with chromium, making them lightweight and extremely resistant to corrosion. The surface is hard to scratch or damage and can be a long lasting asset for a prolonged period of time. Its versatility, durability and low maintenance are the main reasons for its rise in popularity.

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