Reasons to Hire a Wedding Stationery Designer

Weddings are costly- flowers, dresses, photography, reception and many more on the list. Wedding invitation card design service is a popular wedding service that is provided by many companies as well as professionals.  In this article, a few reasons are discussed as to why you should hire a wedding stationery designer:


This is the foremost reason you should hire a stationer. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and your stationery should reflect that. Because of this, the overall quality of the envelopes, paper and ink should be great.


A wide array of envelope options is offered by the stationers. Some even have the ability to print return and guest addressing for you. Envelopes can be printed by a professional, handwritten by someone with great handwriting, or addressed by a calligrapher. Your wedding stationer can assist you in selecting what would be the best for you according to your budget.


You cannot purchase wedding paper from a craft store. They are even thick for standard office or home printers. Make sure that your stationery reflects optimal print quality which can only be achieved through a high quality printer. First, select some designs that you like. Then, order sample paper from the designer in order to ensure high quality. Ordering samples in advance is important, as all designers do not use the same paper.


High quality, archival inks are used by stationery designers that are not used by home printers. You don’t want the stationery to fade in five to ten years, right? So in order to preserve your stationery, use high quality printing.


The key to ensure that your stationery isn’t generic is that you should hire a professional designer. In order to create your stationery, a special software is used by the graphic designer. As your stationery is the first thing that your guests will receive as an introduction to your wedding day, it is very important that the concept of the design is extraordinary. By hiring a professional, you can make sure that your design will stand out and your guests will be excited to join.


A professional will have a clear idea about proper text size, proper wording etiquette, spacing between letters and fonts that will compliment one another.


For your stationery, proper graphics are used by your designer. Generally, these can either be purchased from a vendor specialising in quality graphics, or can be hand drawn. They will also check if the size is appropriate for your card and matching the overall theme.


In order to make your design unique, the designers incorporate various inspirations. So investing in a professional is worth the price.


Attempting to DIY your stationary is not an easy task and also requires a lot of time. Sometimes it may require more time than you think. You may also end up spending more money trying to do these DIYs.

Matching stationery

If you hire a professional, you can make sure that all your wedding stationery will match throughout- from menus and programs to thank you cards, escort and place cards etc.

You can find a number of companies that provide wedding invitation card design services. You can select any one from them and reap the benefits. 

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