Join a service that has made £1,338.56 profit in just 13 days of betting!

This is pretty remarkable!

That was the message I sent to Kieran McQuinn after just 6 days of testing out his Profit Repeater service. Needless to say I’m very impressed with how Kieran has kicked things off with us.

I’m Matt Schofield and I run Tipster Superstars with my brother Tom. A place where you can find reliable, tried and tested tipsters who have passed our 90 day scrutiny test. We’re currently testing multiple tipsters with a re-launch of the site but this message to you today is about Kieran McQuinn.

We took on his service for testing on 1st February this year and like I said after just 6 days I had to email him to say congrats and well thanks for the tips and opportunity.

The Stats

I want to show you the stats that Kieran’s service has produced over the last 21 days he’s been proofing to us, I’m sure you’ll be amazed.

Days Testing: 21
Days Betting: 13

Biggest Daily Loss: -£10.00
Biggest Daily Profit: +£654.19

Total Profit to £10 Bets: £1,338.56

Maximum £10 Bet Per Day
13 Days Betting
= £1,338.56 Profit

Kieran’s service runs with a maximum loss on the day. Like him we used £10 as our maximum loss. So the worst case on a single day is a loss of this amount, for us, £10.

It works like this.

Kieran will send you 2 bets per day maximum.

The first bet is a straight win bet where you place the £10 stake.

If it loses. You stop there and don’t place the 2nd bet.

Maximum loss on the day is £10.

If it wins, you bank your initial stake and put the profit from the first bet on his 2nd bet. This is a double or treble.

How does betting with £10 max per day
make so much profit so quick?

Well look at his bets on just the 2nd day of testing with us.

First Bet: £10 on Field Gun to win @ 5/2
The bet won and we made £25 profit. (£35 return).

Second Bet: £25 (profit from the first bet) on a Double bet for Central City & Naralsaif both to win with odds on the Double winning at 20.13, that bet saw a profit of £382.50.

Not bad from a tenner right.

But it got even better on the 6th Feb when his first bet was Glittering Love @ Ayr, winning at 2/1 means we had £20 on a treble of Technological, Documenting and Zorawar.

All 3 landed and the £20 stake made us a profit on the bet of £654.19

Of course there are a lot of days when the first bet doesn’t come in and you don’t place the 2nd bet. So far this has happened on 8 occasions so far during testing. A further 2 times the first bet won and the 2nd bet let us down. All these days have a maximum loss of £10 per day on them.

If the first bet wins you will never be
out of pocket with Kieran’s service

There have been 13 betting days to the 21st Feb.

So out of the 13 days, 10 times there has been a £10 loss on the day. 2 times the first bet won but the following bet failed to come in. These 2 days ended even (no loss on the day).

But on those other 3 occasions there have been profits of £382.50, £654.19 and £301.88

Here’s our spreadsheet of the trial results to date

Based on a full month of betting the maximum loss would be around the £270 mark. Kieran doesn’t bet on Sundays and does take the occasional day off. So far he has bet every day there has been racing during the trial with the exception of Sundays.

Any 1 of the winning bets we’ve had so far would have meant we would have ended the month in profit even if that was the only winning bet during the month.

Instead we are 3 winning bets in with still a week to go in February.

Its very rare we offer a service before we have completed our 90 day test period but we’re so happy with the results from this so far, the next 69 days could all end with a loss of £10 and we’d still have made over £600!

What we want to do is offer you to finish off our test period with us and get a massivly reduced rate if you decide to stick with the service after the 90 days are up.

All we ask is for a small payment of £27.

The £27 will be split with Kieran and our end will go to improving the site and paying for more tipsters to test out.

If that sounds fair, then just click the button below to make payment and we’ll sent over the next bets.

50 Places Available To Join The Trial

We are going to have to limit this offer to just 50 members. Kieran obviously doesn’t want to give away access, he is confident that we’ll have more winners through the trial to increase the profits but is happy to offer 50 members access for the duration of the trial and them offer them a discount on the regular price as a thank you for joining early.

So if you want to secure one of the 50 places, join TODAY!

Click Here To Join Profit Repeater NOW!

Thanks for checking us out!
Make sure to check back regular to find out which tipsters we’re testing and which have passed our 90 day trial period.
Matt & Tom Schofield

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