One of the big things with YourHub, and now Fresh Ink, is the concept of connecting with others.
While listening to "The World" on KRCC the other day, I heard and interesting story about a music group who not only connected musically (they didn't know each other at the time the project started), but want to connect with other musicians around the world. And they have a unique way of doing it.
Gnawledge is a unique group of musicians. The project was started by a Fullbright scholar and an underground rapper, both of whom were in Spain.
Canyon Cody is the scholar, who came to Spain from Hollywood, Calif., and started a project to blend hip-hop, medieval Spanish music and Arabic music. Gnotes, aka Sean Dwyer from Seattle, Wash., is the rapper. Their project is the current CD, "Granada Doaba," which was released as a free download on the site
According to the story on "The World," they went around finding good musicians of various backgrounds, not particularly professionals, in Granada, Spain, and had improvisational recordings based on samplings of a flamenco performer's recordings from the mid 1900s. The CD in itself is interesting, but the project doesn't stop there.
The CD is made free to everyone. The hope is that musicians, DJs or even amateur remixers around the world will download the recordings, add their own music, remix them and return them to the site, to be shared with the rest of the world. Then if someone hears one of the remixes he or she likes, they can do the same as well.
There are 14 songs to choose from: Flamencología, Bohemia Al-Andalus, La Senda Del Abuelo, Nunca Fui A Granada, No Te Rebeles (Seguiriya), Qanun Al-Tarab, Menudo Jaleo, El Manisero de Potemkin, Calabazar de Sagua, Yerbaguena, La Lengua del Río, Perro Cruzado, Juxtapotente and El Arte de Escuchar. You can download the album and enjoy the music or download them to remix. Already there are new versions on the site from around the world, including China. Once they are sent back to the Gnawledge site, they are posted for everyone else to enjoy.
The musicians for the CD are: Juan Habichuela “El Nieto,” guitar; Otman Almerabet, laúd; Hidetomo Nambu, guitar; Richard Dudanski, drums; Mel M’Rabet, laud; Paul Brundtland, cajón; Wadih Ettabbakh, guitar; Mohammad Dominguez, darbuka; DJ Doblegota, scratch; José Carlos Cuevas, bass; Eneko Alberdi, guitar; Youssef Elmezghildi, qanun; Maya Yoshida, violn; Pete Shungu, trumpet; Valentín Murillo, flute; and Joaquín Sánchez, clarinet.
No, this is not "We are the World," but it is a unique opportunity for us to connect with others. And by the way, "The World" is on KRCC from 4-5 p.m. Mondays–Fridays and they always have a "global hit."

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