When things go dark in an apocalypse survival situation you are going to need a dependable and rugged light source to light your way. The Brite Strike BDRC-HLS was developed for police use, not only is it capable of blinding anything in its site with its 220 Lumens, it also can be used as a means of self defense with the built in crowns on the top and  Nano Towels Review  bottom. The crowns are designed for striking pressure points on an attackers body if needed, and also add extra protection to the Brite Strike BDRC as well. Only measuring 5.2 inches in length and the Brite Strike includes an AC charger and is backed by a life time warranty.

No Apocalypse Survival is complete without a weapon for self defense and hunting, the AK-47 was designed to meet all the needs of a apocalypse survival situation. The AK-47 is a cheap and very reliable and proven weapon in rugged environments. The AK-47 is known to be able to fire under very challenging circumstances. Compared to other rifles that need constant maintenance in order to fire consistent rounds, the AK-47 only needs a clean chamber and ammunition to hit its target. I value my AR-15 but would rather have an AK-47 in a survival situation due to its ruggedness and ability to fire even when not maintained properly.


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