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When it comes to making decisions there are many obstacles to overcome, some easier than others, depending on the decision; how large it is, how emotionally charged and so on. There will be some that we look back on and wish we'd done differently. There will be others where our choice proves to be right but there is an element of luck involved too. If we could make better decisions from the start though, we would possibly have a smoother path, be more successful and make fewer 'mistakes'. There are several things that get in the Profit Replicator App way of actually knuckling down and making a decision. The first is inertia; staying in the current rut is a little easier and more comfortable than kicking yourself out of it by making a decision. Consequently we tell ourselves that the status quo is not so bad and we can put up with the difficulties that are apparent to an outsider. Secondly there is the fear of the unknown. This is a little paradoxical since none of us actually know what tomorrow holds but we always assume that it will be mainly the same as today.

We don't anticipate sudden shock events like bereavement or redundancy that might make future days significantly worse. Linked to this, we might look at the possible future consequences of any decision we might make and start to catastrophise. Finally, we might have a history of making what we perceive to be poor decisions and are scared of doing the same again. In this case the solution is simply to keep reading and see how it will be better this time round. Noticing that we are constrained by inertia is tricky - we see no need to make any decision because life is bearable. The question to ask here is, 'How much better could it be?' It might be that the answer to this genuinely is that it couldn't be. If that is the case there are no decisions to be made. However, getting into the habit of asking the question is useful. Maybe take time to think about this on a regular basis, maybe every new year. You can then get into the habit of setting goals for the future and decide where you want to get to.

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