Steve and Lisa Stucky, founders and owners of Mavuno Market, have just received their non-profit status.  As Colorado natives, they are thrilled to be able to set their home base in Castle Rock and commit their days to helping families half way around the world rise out of poverty.


Mavuno means "harvest" in Swahili.  Steve and Lisa believe that by buying products from artisans in developing nations, they are helping create a harvest of hope.


There are 145 million orphans worldwide

1 billion people don’t have clean water

150 million children have no safe shelter

1.4 billion people struggle to live on $1.25 a day


Mavuno Market is committed to making a difference in the lives of these people.  Mavuno Market is combating poverty and changing lives by helping lift families out of poverty, one purchase at a time.


Every item on the website,, is handmade by artisans from Zambia, Rwanda,Tanzania, Ghana, Haiti, and India.  Every dollar earned from the sale of these items goes directly back to the artisan.  Extra income is given to special projects, such as digging clean water wells, building schools for orphans, building orphanages and more.


Why not make your Christmas shopping change lives this year?  Buy a piece of jewelry, a purse or handbag, nativity set, basket, or a coin purse, knowing that your purchase will help a family get one step closer to rising out of poverty!

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Comment by Bob Stephens on November 1, 2011 at 4:12pm
Congrats to Lisa and Steve! Hope lots of folks visit their website and do what they can while buying cool gifts.



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