Improving Oral Health - Basil is known to help prevent various periodontal diseases, fight off pyorrhea, and eliminate bad breath. To use basil for this purpose, it's recommended to dry basil leaves in the sun for two to three days. Once dried, crush the basil leaves into a powder, which you then use to brush your teeth. In addition, when you massage your gums with the basil powder it will eliminate bad breath. TestMax Nutrition

Quitting Smoking - Some sources claim that chewing basil leaves has been more effective than nicotine patches in reducing nicotine cravings. It's also been said that the antioxidants in basil leaves can help repair damage in the throat caused due to years of smoking.

Helping Cure the Common Cold - Basil leaves are used far and wide as a remedy for fever and the common cold. Most commonly, the juice of basil leaves has been known to bring down high temperatures during fevers. To use basil for this purpose, you can boil the leaves in water to create a type of tea, which you drink. TestMax Nutrition Reviews

Reducing Stress - Chewing 10 to 12 holy basil leaves twice a day has been known to reduce stress. This is because holy basil contains compounds such as eugenol and caryophyllene which have long been used in essential oils to elevate both mood and spirit. Scientific studies have shown that eugenol, in particular, helps enhance mental clarity and combat stress.

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