Make Your Kitchen Exude Charm with the Perfect Cabinet Doors

A kitchen is one of the most functional areas of the home. The kitchen is the place that gives nourishment to our hearts and souls. This site receives the maximum attention from your guests and your family. A kitchen houses coffee makers, refrigerators, cook tops, under-counter ice makers, ice makers, microwaves and a host of other gadgets. Among them, the cabinets and the refrigerators are the most common as well as the most important parts of a kitchen. If you want to stylize your kitchen, the first thing you need to do is to choose the right cabinets for your kitchen. In fact, the cabinets are the first things to matter. They are not only a storage solution where you put away your things but also play an important role in optimizing the vertical and horizontal storage spaces of your kitchen.

The first things that anyone notices in the kitchen are the cabinet doors. So it is highly important to customize your cabinet doors according to your kitchen theme. Below are discussed some of the most popular kitchen cabinet door styles (Information Courtesy: K&N Sales).

Shaker style:

Shaker style cabinet doors are an extremely common cabinet door style in Houston. The feature of this method is it has a five-piece flat-panel style with a frame made of four pieces. This style is named after the shaker furniture style. The reason behind the popularity of these types of doors is they can blend in with any style.

Thermofoil style:

These types of cabinet doors are primarily molded and made from medium density fireboards. To create an impenetrable seal, these kinds of doors are wrapped up in a plastic-like coating, and they are passed through extreme heat. They are famous for their durability and their solid colors.

Distressed style:

This style is just perfect for people who like antique style kitchen cabinets. This style can go with any door style. To give the kitchen the perfect antique look, you can use a few distress techniques in your kitchen.

Beadboard style:

This one is the classic cottage style. The center panel in this style resembles beadboard paneling that is done in a conventional manner. Earlier, beadboard paneling was used to decorate walls and cover the places of the walls from where the plaster has come off.

Flat style:

This type of door style has an appealing style. The flat panel door is completely minimalist. If you prefer the contemporary style, this would be perfect for your kitchen. In this style, the cabinet doors can be of laminate or wood.

The above discussed are just a few cabinet door styles. You can choose your style after consulting with your cabinet designer. As the kitchen doors are the most noticeable features of your kitchen, you should make sure that your cabinet doors are well fitted and appear presentable.

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