Everybody knows it's important to eat Unlock Your Hip Flexors healthy and exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It's even more important today, as millions across the nation are unemployed and may or may not have health care.
People are recognizing that now is the time to embrace a healthy lifestyle. They are starting to use the tips and information that's out there so they can stay out of the doctor's office.
Getting in shape and staying healthy is challenging. Stressors are all around us, such as employment, children and marriage. Although they know it's unhealthy, many people use comfort food to cope with these situations. Nothing tastes better than a big bowl of Rocky Road after a hard day.
That bowl of ice-cream tastes even more delicious when topped with whipped cream and nuts. It gets even better with a drizzle of hot fudge or strawberry topping. Even though it's yummy and we feel good at the time we're eating it, it leaves an unhealthy aftertaste when you think about all of the calories you've consumed.
Comfort food has its time and place, including ice-cream. Low fat ice cream is a healthier alternative, even better is frozen yogurt.
Frozen yogurt comes in plenty of delicious flavors and is lower in calories than ice cream. It also provides the same level of comfort the emotions crave after a hard day.
So many people are choosing frozen yogurt as their favorite treat that franchises are turning up all over. People are realizing that it's a great option when they need a pick me up. It's inexpensive, comforting and is healthier than ice cream.

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