The way I approach health is from an inside-out manner. It doesn’t matter if it’s with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, autism, or sunburn. Your body is designed and created to live an amazing quality of life for 80-120 years. You possess all the systems, nutrients, communications, and raw materials to live this amazing life. The problem I have with universal health coverage isn’t the fact that it will increase costs, demands, and stress of an already failed system; it will never work because government is trying to solve the problem from an outside-in problem. They feel the problem is lack of money for people to have some sort of coverage. They feel the solution is to create more dependence on an extremely ineffective, outright dangerous health care system. What no one has addressed is what true health is.

The number one answer I get when I ask people how do they tell if they are healthy is by “how I feel.” The problem with that paradigm is that lots of people feel good because they are masking the problem with dangerous painkillers or other chemicals. The other problem is that we are a country with ‘diseases for dummies.’ We are literally killing ourselves. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, AIDS, digestive issues, and the majority of our disease killers are processes that build over an extended period of time. It’s like obesity, someone doesn’t just wake up 50lbs over weight, it took a gradual process of making poor decisions. Yes, diseases are results of decisions, not bad luck or random chance.

The only solution our government is throwing in the pot is more insurance coverage. With any other type of insurance, it would be considered fraud to destroy what you are insuring and then try and claim reimbursement for losses. If people were setting their houses on fire only to get a check to rebuild it, imagine what insurance rates would do as well as the increase demand on our courts and jails? They would sky rocket. This is exactly what has happened to health insurance. Over the past decade, deductibles are higher, coverage is lower, and more and more people are getting denied coverage. Why would this happen? This happens because people are being fraudulent with their health and expecting a bail out that costs much more than the ones the banks and car companies were granted.

As much as I like to uncover the small, hidden details of Obama’s plan that today seem reasonable but the same methods 60 years ago were considered barbaric in Nazi Germany, it’s the principle of the solution that gets me most fired up. I’ve been preaching lifestyle for as long as I can remember but how can I get the message through people’s insurance focused, bail me out mentalities? I’m honestly pleading your help in this question and I cannot think of a better way than personal testimony. For those that are reading this, please, please, PLEASE email me back with how changing lifestyle factors in your life have resulted in better health, less financial cost, and a better quality of life. Whether you have been to the office or not, spread this to friends and family. I want to make a collaboration of these testimonies, send them to Washington and show them that health comes from the inside-out, it happens no other way.

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