Inflammatory Breast Cancer Group Paints the Town!

You Don’t Need To Have a Lump To Have Breast Cancer!

Paint the Town was filled with heroes and hope Monday afternoon.  It was a dreary day outside, but inside Paint the Town there was a group of women filled with joy and grateful for the day they had been given.  The youngest of the diagnosed Inflammatory Breast Cancer patients was a beautiful thirty year old.  There was laughter, encouragement, and much love amongst the sweet group of women.  I found myself thinking about how much these women have suffered and the hard road they are on.  I was so amazed at their awesome attitudes and their love love of the life they had been given.  I can only hope that I an choose joy and hope each and every day of my life.  

 I knew the group of ladies were being treated for IBC, but what I didn’t know was how rare this particular form of breast cancer is.  IBC is the most aggressive and deadly form of breast cancer.  Because of its aggressive nature and the difficulty in diagnosis, it can be easily misdiagnosed.  

Symptoms of IBC

  • Rapid, unusual increase in the size of one breast
  • Redness, rash, blotchiness on one breast
  • What appears to be a bruise or bug bite that does not go away
  • Persistent itching of breast or nipple
  • Lump or thickening of breast tissue
  • Stabbing pain, soreness, aching or heaviness of the breast
  • Feverish (increased warmth) breast
  • Swelling of lymph nodes under the arm or above the collar bone
  • Dimpling or ridging of breast skin
  • Flattening or retracting of nipple
  • Nipple discharge or change in pigmented area around the nipple
  • Feeling of “let down” of milk similar to that when nursing an infant

We had a wonderful afternoon together.  All the ladies were amazing artists!  They made a wonderful memory together creating their own masterpieces!  Educate yourself on IBC, be aware, know the signs, it could save your life!  Oh, and don’t forget, every single day is a gift to be enjoyed, cherished, and celebrated!  A locally owned small business.  

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