Metabolism boosting herbal diet aids containing ephedra and kava kava have been taken off the market or issued strong health warnings by the FDA. These herbs can cause heartbeat irregularities, high blood pressure, seizures and even death in some cases. So, just because it's made of herbs doesn't mean you won't experience problems. Cake Weight Loss 

Another popular category of diet pills is the fat blockers. There are many pills on the market advertised as having the ability to block your body from absorbing the fat you eat. This is a nice idea, but researchers have found that these pills can block the absorption of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to thrive. They can also cause bloating, diarrhea and gas - not too pleasant. Anne is one of the most famous actresses nowadays due to her roles in various films such as The Devil Wears Prada and Bride Wars. But what is more worth observing is her unusual glow nowadays. She seems to have a healthy yet a slim body and her overall visual impact to the people are very pleasing to the eye. It is our time to know her secret on how she did that and how she maintains her slim body despite the temptations of eating so many food.

Based on the actress, she changed her diet plan from unhealthy ones, including so much starch, carbohydrates and meats, to a healthy one, combination of fish, vegetables and fruits only. Also, she already quit her smoking and drinking habits giving her a healthier space and providing her body a chance to recover from those pollutants in the body. Cake Weight Loss Review

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