How to Find an Affordable Medical Insurance in South Africa: FAQs

No matter how hard you try to prevent them, GP visits are inevitable.

Although everyone tries to avoid them by taking preventive measures, health-related problems may, and do, occur. You need to have a health cover that protects you from such uncertain occurrences and provides financial aid so that you get the healthcare you need.

South Africa, like any other country in the world, faces health issues like diabetes, heart disease and more. Most of the population suffers from health issues that require good healthcare facilities but they have to rely on state institutions due to the lack of affordable medical aid.

Although there are affordable medical insurance plans available, it seems that there are many questions in the minds of people. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that people have about affordable healthcare plans.

Why Do I Need a Healthcare Plan?

This might be the first question you ask, as there are several people, particularly young professionals, who consider medical insurance to be unnecessary. Many people in South Africa are unaware of the benefits of having an affordable healthcare insurance plan,and thus depend on the state to provide medical aid which is not always up to scratch. Firstly, medical insurance gives you access to the top quality medical facilities. It also helps in reducing the burden of medical expenses. In case you want to cover the health of your whole family, there are options available for that.

Can I Get the Benefits of a Good Medical Insurance at an Affordable Rate?

There are many companies that offer affordable health plans that are packed with benefits. These health plans usually cover a wide range of all your medical needs, from visiting a doctor to staying in hospital. All you need to do is to searchfor and choose the most reliable and beneficial health plan.

Is Medical Examination Always Required?

No, it’s not necessary to go through a medical examination to get a suitable and genuine medical insuranceplan. There are several affordable medical insurance plans that do not require extensive medical examination.

How Fast Can I Get an Affordable Health Cover?

Many companies offer health plans that are not only affordable but also provide you instant cover. There are many health plans that will get you covered within 10 minutes, without any joining fees or asking for too many documents.

Will Emergency Services be Covered?

Apart from cover for doctors’consultations, dentist’s visitsor medical examination, many health plans include a cover for emergencies and also funeral plans. Others will offer additional services like trauma and assault counselling.

Are Claims Easy and Given at the Time of Need?

It all depends on the medical insurance you’ve chosen. You need to put in a reasonable amount of time and care while choosing one. You must check what the claiming procedure entails. A genuine medical insurance provides an easy and flexible claiming process.

These are some of the questions that generally arise in the minds of those looking for affordable medical insurance. A health cover cannot only provide protection for you and your family but also offers you peace of mind.

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