How to choose a BBQ grill: Five Factors to consider

Barbequing gives food a delicious smoky taste and flavour which cannot be achieved with pan roasting, broiling or any other cooking method. If done correctly, the resultant cooked meat turns out to be juicy and tender and full of flavour. It is also considered to be a social activity, with friends and family gathering around on hot summer days or to celebrate a holiday or a special occasion.

At first glance, barbequing seems like an easy task where the meat is cooked over a fire. However, there are a lot of factors that come in to play when cooking the meat. Apart from factors like the right cut of meat or the right type of sauce, the most important factor is the type of grill chosen from the best BBQ supplier available.  Below are some of the factors buyers can consider before buying a BBQ grill.

1. Size according to usability: The size of the grill should be selected depending upon the use. Many people hold regular backyard BBQs for the whole neighbourhood, while some keep it confined to only their families or near and dear ones. The requirement for both will be different, as bigger grills are chosen for a larger number of guests, and vice versa.

2. Other Important Features: Investing in a grill can be an important investment, especially if you regular BBQs are being hosted by you. As such, there are some features that are compulsory and should be present in the model you’re buying. It must have a built-in thermostat, sturdy side shelving, a well protected grill cover, grill burners that adhere to environmental safety rules and adequate cooking space.

3. According to Budget: Budget can be the biggest constraint while selecting a proper BBQ grill. Basic gas variants can be inexpensive but the more features a stove has, the more costly it will get. The cost of maintenance over time should also be taken into consideration, as many of the cheaper models will require more maintenance in the long run.

4. Buying from a physical store or online: BBQ grills and other accessories are readily available in both brick-and-mortar stores as well as in online sites like eBay. Buying a grill from a physical store gives the buyer the opportunity to inspect and possibly see how it operates. A salesperson can help the buyer narrow down choices according to their needs. They also demonstrate the capabilities of any given grill available in the store. On the other hand, buying a grill from online stores like eBay is much more convenient and safe for buyers. It can lead to cost saving as well as giving you a wider range of options to choose from.

5. Type of materials: Grills come in a variety of materials, from cast iron; powder coated steel, cast alluminium, etc. Heavy steel distributes heat better than thin steel or aluminium variants. The type of grill should be chosen depending on the frequency of usage.

6. Type of fuel: Grills can use either liquid propane or natural gas, depending on the type of grill selected. Both of these sources of fuel have their own advantages and disadvantages. Liquid propane allows for better adaptability into a household. It also allows the grill to be moved freely. Natural gas is cheaper than liquid propane, but a gas pipe is required. Installation of a new natural gas line inside a home can be a difficult and expensive task. Also, once the pipeline and grill are installed, it cannot be moved about freely, as the line remains attached to the grill at all times. Many modern variants of some grills have a dual fuel system for using both fuels.

Barbequing is a fun family activity that can be made more enjoyable depending on the selection of the right grill. Since there are countless variants of a grill available, various combinations of factors like budget, usability, location and features should be taken into account before selecting such an appliance. 

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