How To Kiss A Man To Make Him Fall In Love 

Essentially as a woman you need to save yourself the heart ache and have the same mentality. You need to stop driving yourself crazy and have confidence. You can't be a doormat - you must have your own life and your own dating agenda and of course date with the same mentality of a man.

Men don't get guilty or feel bad about how things went on a date. It is not only the natural thing to do but the SMART thing to do.

Therefore you shouldn't feel bad about dating more than one women at a time. Men do it and they do it for a reason. They want to have fun and keep their emotions in check. Do not sleep with more than one man at a time though.

This 'playing the field strategy' can be a turn on for a guy because - men want to conquer. By dating more than one man at a time he will pursue you with even more passion because he has competition. It says to a man that you have options and you will stop seeing him unless he treats you well.

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