He's Married, He's Gay or He's a Serial Killer

After each beating, all of them without notice, the boy would crawl upstairs to treat his own wounds.One time, while still bleeding from such a session, he ran out the door and all the way to the local police station to beg for rescue. He could get no help, because one of the officers was a sexual partner with the mother.When this man first came Sistema Libertad para la Disfuncion Erectil to me at the age of 32, he was unable to speak during our sessions but only to scream, moan, and roar in rage. He was the most frightening patient I have ever treated. From late teens until a few years ago, he was repeatedly placed in one psychiatric hospital after another, in addition to jail.He had become addicted to both drugs and alcohol, and remained an addict for years.

Never in all of his psychiatric history was he correctly diagnosed but only assigned one false label after another, including sociopath, schizophrenic, manic depressive, and others. His true diagnosis from the beginning should have been "complex post traumatic stress disorder," a condition very common to physical abuse, in my experience.After a long period of treatment, which began with daily, one-to-one sessions, and later progressed to male group therapy, this man has made a remarkable recovery. He is working full-time, living independently, and forming friendships.As a member of a very warm and supportive church, he has been working diligently on forgiving his mother.


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