This month the United States Department of Agriculture released its 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which dropped the long-standing daily limit on the dietary cholesterol found in eggs and other foods. Coloradans trying to get their health back on track after the feasts and treats of the holiday season will benefit from adding eggs to a balanced diet, thanks to the high-quality protein and essential vitamins eggs provide. Whether you want to lose weight, get fit or just feel better this New Year, make sure eggs are on your plate this year.


Though eggs have previously been thought to increase blood cholesterol and risk for heart disease, years of research has shown that dietary cholesterol has little to no impact on blood cholesterol levels. The new Dietary Guidelines confirms that healthy adults can eat eggs regularly without significantly impacting their risk of heart disease. Further, it encourages Americans to eat eggs as part of its recommended healthy eating patterns.


 “The essential vitamins and nutrients found in eggs are crucial to leading a healthy lifestyle,” said Terry Tormholen, Colorado egg farmer and member of the Colorado Egg Producers (CEP) Association. “Eggs are all-natural and contain no sugar, carbs or gluten, making them a great staple in any diet or health plan. The high-quality protein in eggs can help build muscle and keep you feeling full longer. CEP members take pride in providing Coloradans with a fresh, high-quality ingredient for their healthy meals.”


At only 70 calories, one large egg contains six grams of high-quality protein and all nine essential amino acids as well as essential vitamins and minerals, including choline, Vitamin A and calcium. According to the American Egg Board, eating eggs can help you achieve your optimum health in the following areas:


  • Weight management: The high-quality protein in eggs helps you to feel fuller longer and stay energized, which contributes to maintaining a healthy weight.


  • Muscle strength and muscle-loss prevention: Research indicates that high-quality protein may help active adults build muscle strength and help prevent muscle loss in middle-aged and aging adults.


  • Healthy pregnancy: Egg yolks are an excellent source of choline, an essential nutrient that contributes to fetal brain development and helps prevent birth defects. Two eggs provide about 250 milligrams of choline, or roughly half of the recommended daily intake for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Everyone, especially pregnant women, should cook their eggs thoroughly to kill any bacteria that may be present.


  • Brain function: Choline also aids the brain function of adults by maintaining the structure of brain cell membranes, and is a key component of the neuro-transmitter that helps relay messages from the brain through nerves to the muscles.


  • Eye health: Lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants found in egg yolks, help prevent macular degeneration, a leading cause of age-related blindness. Though eggs contain a small amount of these two nutrients, research shows that the lutein from eggs may be more bioavailable than lutein from other food sources.


Are you inspired to learn about the fascinating world of Colorado agriculture? Visit CEP at the National Western Stock Show January 9th through 24th. Our interactive barn is fun for the whole family with videos and slide shows, a conveyor belt for kids to operate, informational egg brochures, recipes and so much more! You can even find out where you can buy high quality, safe and nutritious Colorado produced eggs. Find us on the 3rd floor in the Hall of Education in the CSU Ag Adventure display.


Pick up some eggs to get started on your New Year’s resolution! You can save $0.55 when you purchase two dozen eggs at your local grocery story. Visit to download a coupon today.


Learn more about the health benefits of eggs and healthy recipes by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. To learn more about CEP please visit


Congratulations to our boys in Orange and Blue for making the playoffs! While our team is in the playoffs, CEP will continue our commitment to feeding Coloradans in need. For each point our team scores during the playoffs, and hopefully the big game on February 7th, CEP will donate a dozen eggs to Food Bank of the Rockies. Tune into radio station 850AM KOA on game days to hear more about CEP and the incredible, edible egg.

About Colorado Egg Producers Association

The Colorado Egg Producers (CEP) Association is a membership organization representing six farms throughout the state. CEP is committed to doing what’s right for its community, as illustrated by the regular donation of thousands of eggs to food banks throughout the state. Local egg farmers take great pride in providing eggs to Coloradans. Eggs are a gluten-free food and we are proud to offer consumers the choice between cage, cage-free, organic, nutrient enhanced, brown and white eggs, although it is important to note, there is no nutritional difference between cage-free eggs and conventionally produced eggs. For more facts and information about eggs and CEP, including a list of where to buy Colorado eggs, please visit


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