Fountain Kids Running a Unique Business

Turd Herder Biz Good for the Nose and the Toes

Let's face it - dogs have been humans' best friends ever since their domestication some 36,000 years ago. More than 43 million US households have dogs as pets. One of the only drawbacks to having cozy canines is the waste they leave behind… everywhere. Simple activities such as playing in grassy parks or walking down the street can be marred by a manure misstep. Many homeowners spare the public from fecal landmines by providing their pets with enclosed yards. Even this presents a problem, however, as piles of poop begin to multiply, creating nauseous smells for the nose and gooey gobs of disgusting dung sticking to shoes or squishing between bare toes. Definitely not fun!

Enter the Turd Herder 

A fabulous idea occurred to an innovative 10-year-old boy named Keaton, who decided he could round up those pesky pet piles and make a little spending money in the process. His mom, Annie, threw in her support and on June 18, 2017, Keaton got his first fecal job and the Turd Herder pooper scooper business was born. Dog owners in the Lorson Ranch, Colorado neighborhood lined up to pay the Turd Herder $5 to wrangle waste out of their yards. Before long, the biz was buzzing and Keaton partnered with his sister Kiera to help him keep up with demand and provide faster service. When the spring thaw arrives this year, the Turd Herder plans on expanding his sanitary services to surrounding neighborhoods and offering new pricing deals. You can find out more by visiting the Turd Herder's Facebook Page and schedule a scoop up through Messenger.

Even Superheroes Need a Break from Fighting K-9 Crap Crime

Managing K-9 crap is a messy business, but life for Keaton and Kiera isn't all plastic bags and pooper scoopers. When the dynamic duo isn't providing relief for a nose or making grass safe for the toes, they enjoy normal kid stuff. Mild mannered Keaton spends time in his fort with his friends, riding his bike, playing video games, and listening to 80s songs on his iPod. With his new-found Turd Herder wealth, Keaton has bought a PS4 gaming camera, creative gadgets from the local book fair, and a cat - gotta keep those poop scooping skills sharp! Kiera likes singing Kids Bop, riding her bike, and playing with friends. She has used her extra defecation dough on a spa kit for her American Girl dolls, homemade goodies from the local craft store, and buying her friends ice cream when the treat truck rolls around. Of course, both kids tuck a little savings away just in case the doggy dooky biz dries up, but until then…

Get along little doggies - the Turd Herder is here!



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