Endorsement of Jim Mason for Colorado Springs District 11 Education Director

In the inception of public education by the Purtains in 1635 our public education system has systematically become more about adults in the systems than about the children. Jim Mason is determined to stop the lack of accountability with respect to student performance.  Automatic promotions regardless of performance which contributes significantly to the drop out rate at the high school level will become a priority upon his election to D-11.   In my personal and professional contact with E. James "Jim" Mason, I have found him to be a cut above the average school board canidate. Bye way of a  biographical snap shot of Mr. Mason: He is retired senior military officer, who is currently employed as a program manager for a local defense contractor; Jim is a volunteers as chairman, School District 11 Accountability Committee, budget subcommittee which means he understands school finance.  Jim holds a BA in Political Science from Knox College, and a Masters in Personnel Management from Troy University.  Jim cares deeply about all children as such,  he  is a life member of The ROCKS, Inc. a premier mentoring and coaching organization supporting the U.S. Army.  I am asking the voters of Colorado Springs school District 11 to vote for Jim Mason, Tuesday, November 5, 2013. 

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