Xerox printers are commonly used in day to day activities. Xerox black and white printers and coloured printers are the most frequently used types of photocopying machines. The following is the proper classification of Xerox printers:

1. Desktop printers: Xerox desktop printers and multifunction printers are found in a small footprint for facilitating shared or individual use. Desktop printers are equipped to cater to the requirements of bright colour printing as well as black and white printing. These types of printers have impressive features that allow them to handle sophisticated and voluminous bulks of workflow. Desktop printers have built-in reliability and enhanced efficiency for customers to count on for any kind of photocopy output that they require. Xerox desktop printers are perfectly suitable for use in home or small businesses.

2. Office printers: These types of Xerox printers also offer colour as well as black and white photocopies. This category of Xerox printers also includes Phaser colour laser printers, monochrome and environmentally-conscious ColourQube Solid Ink. Different types of office requirements are served with ease and efficiency by these printers. The print is of high quality and thus these printers are known for their supreme productivity.

3. Multifunction/all in one printers: This category of printers include office, multipurpose laser printers and solid ink, multipurpose printers. These function as copier, fax machine, printer and scanner all in one. This category of printers which also include WorkCentre colour, monochrome multipurpose laser printers and ColourQube Solid Ink multipurpose photocopiers are cost-effective and cater to office requirements with utmost efficiency.

4. Digital presses and production printers: These are sheet-fed production printers and are best suited for graphic communications and high-volume, high-speed, printing applications of commercial print providers. These applications are usually transaction printing, publishing, one-to-one marketing and custom-ordered printing. The super-efficient digital printing press machines, production printers and photocopiers merge vibrant colours with monochrome shades. These digital press printers also highlight colours with great accuracy, speed and efficiency.

5. Inkjet continuous feed: This line of Xerox printers consists of a wide range roll-fed, continuous feed printing technology. These printers use waterless inkjet and aqua-based inkjet to incorporate vibrant colours. These printers also are known for using toner-based flash to bring black and white effect the portfolio of continuous feed printers encompasses a wide variety of print speeds, feeding, finishing, and media options, image quality to cater to the requirements of its users.

6. A monochrome printer: It is a photocopying machine that only has black ink, thus resulting in black and white print. It is considered more time-saving and cost-effective than coloured printers. Monochrome printers are primarily used in professional environments are used to print company letters, office memos and invoices and similar documents that do not need to be in printed in colour.


Even though Xerox is actually the name of the brand that manufactures different types of printers, the term itself has become synonymous with the process of photocopiers and printers.

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