Installation of a functional toilet system is vital for professionals of all walks of life. Portable toilets become absolutely essential for people whose job require them to stay and work in outdoor environments for long hours of the day or sometimes even for days and weeks. There are several tool hire companies that offer various types of portable toilets.

These have been discussed below:

Flush toilet: It is one of the tidiest and most eco-friendly portable toilets available on the market. It is known for flushing directly into the municipal sewerage pipeline. Hence unlike chemical toilets, flush toilets do not generate any foul odours. The standard models of flush toilets come equipped with a 15mm copper pipe that aids the water supply. These toilets also have a 110 mm PVC outlet which helps to connect the toilet with the sewerage tank at the backside of the unit. When being transported, the toilet needs to be positioned vertically. This type of toilet also needs to be connected by a plumber or a person who has the technical knowledge and skills regarding installation of portable toilets.

The following are the basic features of a flush toilet:

  • It is lightweight and mobile.
  • It has a self-closing door.
  • It has a steel base equipped with carrying handles.

Chemical toilet: This type of toilet has an elegant, non-flush design and it is ideal for use on construction sites. A chemical toilet needs to be serviced on a weekly basis. It has the following features:

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Self-closing door
  • Steel base equipped with carrying handles

The following are some of the accessories that are supplied by the tool hire companies to be used along with flush toilets:

  • Toilet paper holder
  • Lockable bins
  • Bin lids
  • Bin lid clamp

Standard compact VIP trailer toilet: On account of the comfort and ease of use, this type of toilet is ideal for use in rental, outdoor film shooting and events industries. The unit has two cubicles with each housing the following features:

  • A flushable toilet
  • A hand washing basin
  • Soap and towel
  • Toilet paper dispensers
  • Mirror
  • Sufficient lighting facilities


Mechanism of Functioning

The floors of a VIP toilet are furnished with superior quality vinyl and skirting material to finish it off. These toilets work on the basis of a recycle system. Water flushes and collects into the two tanks located below the floor. Once inside the tanks, the fluids are separated from the solids, sieved and then pumped back into the cistern where it is ready for use again. The fresh water is contained in an overhead tank and accumulated in the basins by gravitational force. A 12V pump fuelled by a 96A high cycle battery runs the flow of the wasted water. The charging of the battery is done via a battery charger or a solar panel unit.

Due to this wide range of beneficial features, the commercial demand for portable toilets has surged immensely across various industries.

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