Dave Hughes: Unearthing the Midland Band March

Click here to listen to the audio.

In the 1890s, Colorado City's Midland Railroad was in its heyday running to Cripple Creek and points beyond. Well it turns out a bunch of Union Railroad Workers were also musical jammers who formed an outfit called the Midland Band. It won many competitions and was a popular band for over 25 years.
A composer, Edward Kloepfer, even wrote a piece of music especially for the group called the "Colorado Midland Band March." The march was part of the group's repertoire before the band finally dissolved in 1920 when the Railroad went bankrupt.

I have been searching for a copy of that music for the last 20 years. I just knew it had to be in existence somewhere. A cousin of mine recently found it, in Iowa of all places. The march was copywritten in 1899 by Barnhouse music publishers of Oskaloosa, Iowa. He sent me all 50 pages of its score for all instruments. Then Ed Nuccio, who formed his 75-piece New Horizon's Colorado Springs community band seven years ago, got his older guys and gals to practice and play it. So I recorded it. Now you can hear it for the first time ever as recorded music. (click link above to listen)

That's a little taste of the Midland Band March! If you'd like to hear the whole thing, come to the 150th birthday celebration of the founding of Colorado City on Saturday, August 8 at Bancroft Park at 24th St. and Colorado Ave. The event lasts from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and you'll hear the 75-piece New Horizons band play a live concert that will include the Midland Band March. The music will be performed for the first time in public in 100 years!

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