Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine Tour

On Friday, August 28th,14 of my good friends went on a tour of the Cresson Mines, at the CC&V Gold Mine in Victor ,Co. This trip only allows 14 people on a tour, which is what the bus holds.We met our terrific tour guide Debbie at the Lowell Thomas Museum in Victor. As we all took our seats on the bus Debbie handed us all a pair of goggles and a hard -hat before driving to the mine. Debbie than explained the history of Victor as we drove through this quaint little [ almost ] ghost town. I have posted a few pictures of Victor with pictures of the working gold mine.

I will try to explain some of the photos that you see in my album. With-out the picture it is hard for me to comment on which picture you will be looking at, but I will try. In a couple of pictures you will see what looks like blasting ,well it was. The miners blasted while we watched. it was the most exciting thing that we had ever seen. Not often does the blastings happen while people are visiting. Anyway ,after the first blast ,we watched a 2nd one which was a bit smaller. You can see this one in the back-ground to the left of the pictures with what looked like fire in the background.

The wheel on the large truck that you see is 12 &1/2 ft tall and weighs 10,000 lbs each at a cost of $35,000 a tire. Can you imagine paying that much for a tire? The large Haul Truck that you see in the photo new cost 2.5 million dollars and weigh 315 tons. We were allowed to climb the stairs to the top of one of these huge trucks,it sure was fun .We than went over and watched the trucks hauling rocks, than the crusher and leaching process and benefication for the recovery of gold.

At one time there were more than 500 mines in these hills. Now there's just one. South Africa-based Anglo Gold Ashanti,known locally as the CC&V Gold Mining Co. It now runs a sprawling surface mine called the Cresson Mine, bordering both towns. And the new contract workers it's hiring are filling up most of the rental properties .It's very hard for you to imagine the scope of Cresson Mine without seeing it. Vast canyons with thousand- foot walls have been created while digging through the the top of mountains.Dirt and ore pile up from the digging.

Mining Life Cycle at the Cresson Mine:
First are the Permits,Vegetation Removal and Topsoil Handling .The mining process includes controlled blasting, hauling, crushing,leaching,processing, and benefication for the recovery of gold.CC&V operates around the clock and on every day of the year. Backfilling, Contouring and Re- grading, Topsoil Replacement and Revegetation.

I hope you learned a little about the CC&V Gold mine . Make plans to go on a tour next summer.. It was fun and educational.

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