Common Industrial Applications of Coal

Coal is one of the cheapest and is a significant source of energy. Coal is extensively used worldwide for electricity production. Coal has a great variety of usages which is why it’s used in the manufacturing sector. The most common industrial application of coal is cement manufacturing, steel manufacturing, electricity generation and also as a liquid fuel, all over the world.

The different types of coal have different types of commercial and industrial uses. For instance, coking coal or metallurgical coal is mainly used for manufacturing steel whereas stem coal or thermal coal is primarily used for generating power. There are several reputed coal suppliers in Cape Town. They offer high quality coal at reasonable prices.  This article focuses primarily on the different types of industrial usages of coal.

Cement Industry:

Coal is extensively used in the cement industry as a prime energy source. This industry needs a large amount of coal to produce cement. Coal combustion products (CCPs) such as Fly Ash play an important role in the cement manufacturing industry and in the construction industry. In fact, low grade coals are also used with the high-grade lime stone for making good quality cement.

Electricity Generation:

Life without electricity is unimaginable nowadays. Coal plays a significant role in generating electricity. The power plants fuelled by coal usually generates a great amount of global industry. Electricity is generated by the coal, and then converted into higher voltages that are used for efficient transmission of electric power via electrical grids. With the use of effective thermal energy electricity can be produced in larger scale. The coal-fuelled power stations play crucial role in generating electric power as well.

Steel Industry:

Steel industry is greatly dependent on coal. Steel is an alloy of iron. The iron ore needs to be transformed with the usage of carbon. The best source of carbon is coking coal.  It is one of the raw ingredients that are extensively used in the process of manufacturing. Coal is transformed into its final form by removing the impurities so that the purest form of carbon is easily available. One of the most important physical properties of coal is that when it is heated in the absence of air the coal is softened liquefied and then again it is solidified leaving the impurities behind. This type of coal has low phosphorous and sulphur content.

Paper industry

In this industry, coal is largely used as a fuel and energy. It is used in several manufacturing units which manufacture paper.

Chemical and the pharmaceutical industry 

There are several significant chemical products which are produced in the chemical industry. Refined tar is used in the manufacturing important chemicals like creosote oil, naphthalene, benzene and phenol.

Thus, we see that coal has a countless number of uses in the different types of manufacturing and production industries.

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