Benefits of Installing Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace

There are quite a few fireplace installation companies which specialize in offering different brands of direct-vent gas fireplaces. Amongst the many brands, Kingsman, known for excellent quality and value, stands out from the rest. But before installing direct-vent fireplaces from Kingsman gas fireplace dealers, you should know what exactly this direct-vent fireplace is and its benefits. At the end of this article, you will surely have some idea about it. (Information Credit –

What is Direct-Vent Gas Fireplace?

A direct vent gas fireplace is a great alternative to a traditional gas fireplace. A direct vent fireplace is a metal fireplace that makes use of a direct-vent combustion system. "Direct vent" here refers to a sealed combustion system in which air for combustion is drawn from the outdoors, and waste combustion gasses are exhausted to the outdoors. This makes it possible to install a direct-vent fireplace anywhere of your choosing. The sealed glass panel prevents air in the room from escaping up the chimney, making it more proficient because of no heat loss.

What Are The Different Benefits Of Direct-Vent Fireplaces?

The three primary benefits that direct-vent fireplaces have over traditional gas fireplaces are efficiency, safety and versatility.

  1. Safety: With direct-vent fireplaces, there is no need for a chimney extending up through the roof, which eliminates backdrafting. Additionally, the flame from a gas appliance can be instantly turned off in case of an emergency. The danger of backdrafts with gas fireplaces is that a room can be full of carbon monoxide without anybody knowing it, which can cause major health problems and can also lead to death as the carbon monoxide produced by burning gas is invisible and has no scent. Direct-vent fireplaces provide the ultimate safety in this area by preventing it in the first place.
  2. Efficiency: As with any gas fireplace, direct-vent models use either natural gas or propane as fuel. But, direct vent fireplaces are more efficient and safer for today’s air-tight homes and helps in promoting healthy indoor air quality. This is because most of the hot air generated by the fire, travels up the chimney out of the house and into the air, due to convection. Sealed glass panel provides even more heating efficiency allowing the fireplace to create heat more proficiently by burning a larger percentage of the fuel. In fact, compared to a very efficient traditional fireplace which can only operate at about 15% efficiency, a direct-vent fireplace can operate at about 85% efficiency.
  3. Versatility: The third benefit with direct-vent gas fireplaces is ease of installation and versatility in placement. With a venting system that can be fed through any wall to the outside, these fireplaces can be placed virtually anywhere that you desire such as kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. With so many designs on offer, there are perfect sizes and styles of direct-vent fireplaces that you can install for any need within a home.

All of the above shows the reasons why direct-vent gas fireplaces are so popular and what more if it's of Kingsman brand. So, let’s stay safe and keep your homes and lives warm by installing a direct-vent fireplace of Kingsman.

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