The Lost Ways 

Philippines is really a glamorous country with rich natural scenery, beautiful beaches, splendid volcanoes and waterfalls and historical places of interest. There is a variety of fruit and seafood which offers you with a great visual feast. As it has a long colonial history, there are many customs that combine western style with eastern ones.

Ride a horse to climb Tagaytay

Tagaytay volcano lake is a scenic spot that you should not miss if you to visit Manila---the capital of Philippines. Tagaytay volcano is the smallest active volcano in the world and its sea level is the lowest. This average temperature here is about 26 degree. Visitors can take boat to cross the volcano river and then go to Taal volcano which is 300 meters higher on the sea level.

Go boating

It takes two hours from manila to another scenic spot---Pagsanjan. The falls here drop about 100 meters. It is really suitable for some boating activities. Here, there is a kind of drifting boat called banca. There are two boatmen on the boat---one in the front and the other in the back. Every boat can accommodate 2 to 3 people. On the boat, you can enjoy beautiful sceneries on both sides of the river such as giant rocks, waterfalls etc.

If you visit Philippines, you are suggested to go to visit the beautiful and picturesque Subic Bay which was once the largest base of US navy in Asia. When you are wandering on the bay, you can see those old military camps and ammunition depot which hide in the green trees. The most popular activity here is the performance of wild surviving.

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