Autumn: A Great Time For Home Remodeling

Get Your Interior Designer Involved From The Project’s Beginning

Here in Colorado, as we say goodbye to summer for another year and look forward to the delights of autumn (and holiday fun), it’s not hard to see some changes in the way some types of firms are doing business.

There’s a predictable seasonality to many industries.  While retail stores are gearing up for their busiest time of the year, for instance, some trades are seeing their work load “cool off” along with the weather.

Many construction companies experience a project slow-down as the calendar moves deeper into autumn.

And that means this time of year, during the run-up to the holidays, can be an excellent time to undertake that home remodeling project you may have been putting off.

In the fall, it’s often possible to find a contractor who can start right away, and whose crews are not going to be pulled away to other projects while yours seems to proceed on a “part time” basis (which can happen more frequently during the contractor’s busiest times of the year).

And, depending upon the type of project you’re taking on, many remodeling jobs that start around this time of year can be completed before houseguests come in for the holidays.

So if you weren’t sure where to start (or when), it’s tempting to find a contractor, and to get moving on that new bathroom, guest bedroom, or kitchen.

Here’s the thing, though: contractors, while they may be great at building and remodeling, are not designers.

Visualizing a beautiful finished space… planning for the right materials, colors, and textures… that’s not your typical contractor’s “thing.”

You might get the job done correctly… and even quickly… but if you start with the contractor only, your job might not turn out beautifully.

That’s why many of your fall-remodeling neighbors start by engaging the services of a talented, qualified interior designer… involving them at the very beginning of the project (often in tandem with the builder).

They know that starting with the designer often saves time, money, and headaches.

Engage Your Interior Designer From The Start Of The Project

If you begin by hiring a contractor, that person might know a good interior designer.

But if you start with a good interior designer, they will definitely know at least a couple of excellent contractors.

That’s because designers work with contractors all the time (while the reverse is not necessarily true).

Not only will your designer have connections with contractors, he or she will likely know a lot about the contractors they refer to your project.  How busy they are… how they work… and, of course, how much their customers have raved about the finished spaces they’ve produced.

Start with the right designer, and you’ll not only get a great contractor you know you’ll be able to trust… you’ll probably get the “A Team” crew the designer has called in to solve problems other builders have left behind!

When designers find contractors and crews they can trust, they stick with them… and, it stands to reason, the contractors are fiercely loyal to their designers, too… they generally want to do their best work for the designers who refer them.

And they usually strive to provide great value, too.

Start with the beautiful end in mind – and that means starting your autumn remodeling project with an interior designer you can trust to bring in the other resources you’ll need (including a reliable contractor).  What’s more, a great designer will often save you more money than their services cost, through avoidance of expensive mistakes and access to bargains on “To The Trade Only” materials not generally available to the public.  So, if you didn’t know where to start… now you do!

This post is written by Christa Dahl Grover, one of the best interior designer in Denver CO kitchen designer project is one of her specialty.

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