5/1 Method

Using a simple method, I call the 5/1 Method has enabled me to change my betting from reloading my betting account monthly to try out the next best thing, to withdrawing cash on a regular basis into my pocket!

Hi, my name is Phil Swales and I want to share my method with you today, so you can start profiting and stop giving the bookies your hard earned cash.

As you can see from above, I only win just better than 1 in 5 of my bets, based on the last 90 days of betting.

How is it possible to make so much profit when I only win that often?

Because I back VALUE.

That’s how the method works, its really simple.

No more than 4 bets per day.
No odds lower than 5/1.

Those are the 2 rules I follow.

Level stake bets on each horse to win only and it has made me profit every month so far.

July £2,150 profit
August £4,200 profit
September £2,850 profit

One win per day is all I need to make profit on the day and how much profit depends on the odds of the selections and how many selections there are.

I bet between 5/1 odds right up to 20/1. Sometimes odds drift even further after the bet has been placed and for this reason I advise using a Best Odds Guaranteed bookie to maximise profits but you can follow along with any bookie or exchange.

I bet between 1-4 bets per day, never more.

So with the worst case scenario, a maximum loss can be 4pts. That’s as bad as it gets!

It does happen too, but out of the last 90 days betting I have only had 24 days that haven’t had a winner. That means that the other 66 days all had at least one winner.

So when we have just one winner, the worse profit we see is when we land a 5/1 winner and have placed the most bets for the day. So a 4 bet day with one win only at 5/1 will see a 2pt profit.

It only takes an 8/1 winner for this to jump to 5pts profit, or for 2 wins to come in and we’re seeing over 10pts profit in a single day.


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