Discover How To Make £500 In 5 Weeks On The Horses!

£100 in 7 Days

Want to make £500 profit over the next 5 weeks.

Tom has a deal on at the minute where he will guarantee you £500 profit for a one time fee of £29.

He will show you how to use a £200 bank to make £500 profit over the next 5 weeks.

That’s £200 to £700, £500 clear profit.

The offer will last for a minimum of 5 weeks, so if we hit target early, you are likely to make even more.

If we fall short of the £500 target in 5 weeks then we will keep going until we’ve made at least £500 profit.

How do he do this?

He lay horses. Meaning he bet on them to lose.

Why this way? Because its easier and when you know how to do it a £200 bank is all you need and we may not even need that much. Over the last 6 weeks we have only ended 1 week with a loss, and that a small loss of £18.50

We start each week with a £100 bank and look to make £100 for the week in 7 days or less.

If we hit £100+ profit on the week, we stop there and start again the next week with a fresh £100 bank and bank the profits.

He started this 6 weeks ago.

Here are the results:


Week 1 (16th July)
13 wins from 16 bets
£30.50 profit

Week 2 (23rd July)
15 wins from 16 bets
£160.50 profit

Week 3 (30th July)
14 wins from 15 bets
£125.50 profit

Week 4 (6th August)
13 wins from 17 bets
-£18.50 loss

Week 5 (13th August)
15 wins from 16 bets
£125.50 profit

5 weeks = £423.50 profit

Week 6 (20th August)
on going. Currently 5/5 +£47.50

Detailed bets can be found at the bottom of the page.

Basically, only 1 week has ended with a loss from the first 5.

3 weeks of the 4 hit over £100 profit.

A starting bank has never been wiped out!

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