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Women of Courage: New Location, New Blessings

When single mom ministry Women of Courage, Inc. (WOC) was founded in 1993, they were housed at Radiant Church at 4020 Maizeland Road, east of Academy Blvd. Radiant began major renovations in January 2008, prompting WOC to find new office space. They are now located at 5585 Erindale Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918, off North Academy Blvd. and Vickers.

Recognizing the Need

Hunter attended Radiant Church and was a member of the choir in the early '90s when her husband left… Continue

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Women of Courage Success Story: Kelley

Kelley C. was devastated when her mother abandoned her, her older brother, younger sister, and dad when she was only 5 years old. She lived with her father and step-mother after her parents divorced, and when her mother came back into their lives, she visited her every other weekend.

Kelley's two older step brothers teased her constantly for being overweight as a child, and they were also physically and emotionally abusive toward her, prompting her to live with her mother when she… Continue

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NO MORE DRUGS! What kids with ADHD really need.

I still remember hearing the echoing, crackling voice of my middle school's lunchroom PA system. "Will John Simms, Ben Sabo and Kevin Dunn please report to the nurse's office?" Every 6th-8th grader knew what this was all about. This was the daily role call of the "delinquents," the "misfits," the "ADHD'ers." I was the one in the middle, the one in the middle of the list of ADHD'ers called off everyday during my lunch period. This announcement told us it was time to take the walk of shame from… Continue

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Charter Academy Team in National Competition

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Countless hours spent designing, hand-building and testing rockets has paid off for 100 teams vying for the sixth annual Team American Rocketry Challenge (TARC) national title next month. Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy SG-1 is the only team to qualify for finals from the entire region encompassing Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, Utah and… Continue

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No Freedom in Choice

During my English 121 class at Pikes Peak Community College in 2001, we were given a persuasive essay assignment after reading "Abortion is Too Complex to Feel All One Way About" by Anna Quindlen out of The Mercury Reader; 2000 edition. I received a perfect "100," along with the comment, "This paper should be published," from my teacher, Tesa Pace.

With that in mind, here is the original PERSUASIVE ESSAY in its entirety:

Every human in the world, no matter his or her age or… Continue

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Extreme Makeover Part 2

The Extreme Makeover - Church Edition is still going on at Radiant Church!

For the last few months, Radiant Church has been undergoing extensive remodeling with the help of church volunteers and Arkansas-based company, Premier Consulting/Premier Concepts. Many people have come forward to demolish and rebuild, frame, drywall, paint, clean and cook so that by the timeeverything isfinished, Radiant will have new children and office "wings," a new coffee shop, new classrooms, renovated… Continue

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Women of Courage Success Story: Melanie

Melanie S. grew up in San Jose, Calif., but moved to Colorado in 1987 due to her father's job. When she became pregnant out of wedlock, her father insisted she have an abortion; her mother supported her whatever decision she made, and was with Melanie at the hospital when her daughter, Sherri, entered the world 14 years ago.

Melanie experienced trauma from an early age, as she was repeatedly raped by a daycare provider's son from the age of 8 to 11. This trauma led to… Continue

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Hey Y'all! The Colorado Wranglers are Comin'!

Just a reminder that the Colorado Wranglers are coming to Radiant Church at 7 p.m., Thursday, March 13, 2008, where they will be performing live in concert to raise money for Radiant's Celebrate Recovery ministry.

This is information straight off their Web site (

...Colorado Wranglers was [formed] 29 years ago when Vern Thomson and Scotty Vaughn began working together with the Flying W Wranglers at the world famous Flying W Ranch in… Continue

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Women of Courage Success Story: Santina

Santina B. is a single mom of daughter, Dayiseen, who is 8, and son, Kaylias, 6. In 2006, her friend Debra R. introduced her to Women of Courage, Inc. (WOC), where she became a partner-mom in 2007. WOC has taught Santina how to be a stronger woman -- spiritually, emotionally and financially -- through the mentoring, teachings and workshops that are offered by this vital single mom ministry.

Raised Baptist in Salt Lake City, Santina never developed a personal relationship with God… Continue

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Women of Courage Success Story: Debra

Women of Courage, Inc., was founded in 1993 to help single moms grow spiritually, develop life skills and achieve financial self-sufficiency. It is not a "Band-Aid" approach to helping single moms; rather, personal accountability is highly stressed.

Some of the program benefits include: monthly meetings to learn fundamental life skills and scriptural truths while connecting with others in similar circumstances; one-on-one mentoring for budgeting, parenting, relationships and… Continue

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My First Practice Wedding

My friend and fellow Curves member, Debbie Shellenberger, and I took Advanced Cake Decorating classes at Creative Cakes in December. Due to the holidays, we were unable to complete our practice wedding cakes, but teacher Carol Hildebrand offered to critique our practice cakes after the holidays when our schedules slowed down.

Debbie and I were finally able to coordinate our schedules this past Tuesday to get this project done, and what a learning experience it was!

My… Continue

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Career Day at Wasson High School

Wasson High School hosted a Career Fair on Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2008, where approximately 40 professionals/companies provided information about job and volunteer opportunities.

The careers represented were: military (Army, Navy, United States Air Force and Marines), hairdresser (Toni & Guy Academy), photographer (Photography by Suzanne), chef/caterer/baker (Paragon Culinary School, Creative Cakes by Carol), dancer (Attitudes Dance Center), food service (Wendy's restaurants),… Continue

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Extreme Makeover Kicks Off at Radiant Church

Radiant Church is in the process of remodeling--the Extreme Makeover kind!

Extreme Makeover - Church Edition kicked off in January at Radiant, where many church goers are volunteering with a company called Premier Concepts to paint murals, build new rooms, and lay new carpet.

My husband and I signed up to volunteer, so I should know more details soon so I'll keep you posted.

I'll be posting an album in my photos soon, so please stay tuned!

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52 Degrees or 52 Inches?

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The forecast for Saturday, February 23, 2008 called for a high temperature of 52 degrees, but until 10 a.m., it seemed like we might get 52 inches of snow at Challenger Middle School during the Cheyenne Mountain TARC attempted certification flight at the regular COSROCS monthly launch. After all, it is Colorado Springs.

"Why do we have to… Continue

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Walter, Gate Us to 750 Feet

Two Stargate members work on the electrical system that will ignite the rocket motor.

Provided by:

The Red Button has been pushed many times and one of the Cheyenne Mountain Team America Rocketry Challenge teams (TARC) is ready to do an official certification flight. It's a unique opportunity for the community to join Colorado Springs Rocket Society on Saturday, February 23 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. to watch a team apply… Continue

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Free Pancakes Lesson in Generosity

February 12, 2008, was "Free Pancakes Day" at International House of Pancakes restaurants to benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children. Being the pancake lover that he is, I asked my husband, Greg, if he wanted to go -- of course he jumped at the chance.

After we arrived at the IHOP on Chelton and Platte, I patiently waited inside and read a Shriners pamphlet while my husband finished up a cell phone call outside. A little girl approached the Shriners man to ask him some questions… Continue

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"Sorry, Officer! It was a False Alarm"

I live in Lexington Village, the infamous neighborhood of townhomes at Chelton and Astrozon where a hostage situation took place in November 2005, along with a murder across the street at Whazzup Tavern right after Thanksgiving. Not the safest place in Colorado Springs, but as a single mother of three, it was all I could afford back in 2002 when I went house-shopping.

One summer afternoon, my neighbor Jo and I were chatting in the common courtyard. She had her dog, Teddy, an Irish… Continue

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Rule Breakers Out & About

The first story I posted at YourHub was about litterbugs at America the Beautiful Park. Anyone who knows me, knows that I can't stand litterbugs!

Some time later, I "sounded off" about traffic law breakers -- running red lights, failure to yield, etc. Anyone who knows me, knows I can't stand traffic law breakers.

Now I have another beef to grill up!

I went to Prospect Lake at Memorial Park this weekend, and noticed new signs as we were pulling into the parking… Continue

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YourHub Kicks Off Writers Groups

On Jan. 30, 2008, the Gazette hosted a meeting for YourHub citizen journalists to encourage us to kick off our own writers' groups throughout Colorado Springs!

YourHub editor, Tim Bergsten, was there to remind us that "YourHub really is YOURS." We can use it any way we like to solve issues with our neighbors, brag about our kids' achievements, voice our concerns about happenings in our neighborhoods, etc. The sky is the limit! Having unlimited Web space helps.

YourHub… Continue

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Let's Talk About Race

After posting my "Breaking the Chain of Racial Prejudice" story, I received feedback about the need to talk about race issues: its terms, etiquette, protocol, and "political correctness." It was interesting to learn about other races, hearing about others' experiences, and being educated on many things I didn't already know. Because the discussions were informal, I was able to interview and ask questions without offending; the interviewees' patience, willingness, and openness were… Continue

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