December 2008 Blog Posts (4)

Teen Safety throughout the Seasons

Winter is upon us, and the slide show is ready to begin. This is no ordinary Christmas Party, the event is very exciting for the Taekwondo students and their families. Everyone is anxiously awaiting the demonstrations, the food, the entertainment, and finally the slide show. There will be board breaking and nunchakus weapons twirling by several age groups. However, the teens especially look forward to the advanced demonstrations by the Master and… Continue

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The family that KICKS together, STICKS together

Written by Katherine Brickley

Taekwondo, a marshal art that originated in Korea, translates as "hand and foot defense." Some people do see it as defense, others a way to exercise, even as an art. All three are true. However, a journey is entailed, the mission to become a Black Belt. To rise in skill is just the beginning and there is such a family that knows what it takes. The Kateses took the journey and now stand as Black Belts.

In… Continue

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Got Core?

So, what in the world is your "Core" anyway? The word "core" simply refers to the muscles of your stomach, sides, pelvis, lower and middle back. These muscles are designed to provide a stabilized, balanced and strong "core" for your body to move and function properly from. When you strengthen your core, you gain greater balance and stability. All people, from athletes to grandparents, stand to benefit from maintaining a strong core.

How do we use our core? The core is used to… Continue

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Taekwondo in the Paralympics?

Written by Tinker Simmons - Original Post Date Dec. 2, 2008

If it were up to Ben Schwenk it would be. Like millions of other people, Ben trains in the sport of Taekwondo. Unlike the majority of other Taekwondo practitioners, Ben only has one leg. He had cancer (osteosarcoma) in his leg during his senior year of high school. Through the process, there were many attempts to keep the leg, but eventually staph infection caused the need to amputate.… Continue

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