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Girl Scouts Inspired by Taylor Swift

Each year as a Girl Scout troop leader I strive to motivate my girls to become excited about selling Girl Scout cookies. The money they earn cookies funds community service projects as well as activities they participate in during the year. Through the Girl Scout Cookie program girls learn valuable life skills such as confidence, handling money, salesmanship, up selling, interpersonal skills, and goal setting, just to name a few.

This… Continue

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"Special Olympics" @ Memorial Park

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On Saturday my family and I spent the day at Memorial Park where the Special Olympics for developmentally challenged men, women and children were being held. Athletes competed in Bocce, Tennis, Softball and Cycling.

Ft Carson's 59th Quartermaster Company, the Pride Soccer Club Predators 98, the National Charity League, CTU's nursing… Continue

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Contributed by: amy whitesell on 7/28/2009

Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Tinsley Ellis ranks among the top blues/rock guitarists working today. Ellis sings and plays with the energy and soul of all the great Southern musicians who have come before him. He attacks his music with rock power and blues feeling, in the same tradition as… Continue

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All's swell that ends swell

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It was the strangest end to the day: reciting Shakespeare in Renaissance clothing while texting my daughter and trading quips with a jester on top of a turret.

Well, texting my daughter wasn't that odd, it was that I generally don't wear Renaissance clothing and I have even more rarely been asked to recite Shakespeare outside of a college… Continue

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Faces of the Renaissance

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The Renaissance was a cultural movement that moved Europe from the Middle Ages to Modern Times. It began in Florence, Italy in the 14th century and lasted 300 years.The word renaissance means "rebirth" in French and describes a reawakening of learning which spread across Europe. Henry VIII was crowned King of England on June 24,1509, exactly 500 years… Continue

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In search of the path less taken

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Over the 4th of July, we went in search of wildflowers.

We were always told, go here, go there. A friend suggested going up to the Catamount Reservoirs halfway up Pikes Peak. Not only is it a little cooler than down lower, but it is cheaper than going all the way to the top.

At the gate to Pikes Peak Highway just up the mountain… Continue

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So what else is happening to celebrate Colorado City's 150th Birthday?

Let's start with what will be happening Saturday, August 8, in Bancroft Park our Annual - but this year special - Founder's Day.

First of all by 7 a.m.the ever popular Old Colorado City Farmer's Market right there between Colorado and Pikes Peak Avenues on… Continue

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Mindless Fear at 14

by Jim Robinson

A recent Out There article focused on some of the things that we are afraid of and especially the Y-Chromosome aspect for the human male that leads him to be three times more apt to be injured in the outdoors than the female. It reminded me of a time during my younger years when I experienced a very unsettling evening and prompted me to write this story.

We go to the movies to be entertained. Adventure flows in most of us, but the extent is different for… Continue

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Contributed by: amy whitesell on 7/21/2009

Andy Eppler is Americana to the core. In his work he explores themes such as disenchantment, religiosity and the American way. His world-view is dystopian yet hopeful as he writes about the world around him. Andy, a product of West Texan grit and wisdom, has dedicated himself to making meaningful art. His first record "There is No Underground" (2007) was a shotgun… Continue

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Back Home to the Wild!

As wildlife and nature lovers, Monument homeowners Barb and Joe worked very hard to create a certified backyard habitat for wildlife. A large abundance of native species utilized the habitat, and the couple received a great deal of joy from watching the wildlife in their yard. A nice koi pond completed the scene. There was just one problem however: a Great Blue Heron had discovered the pond and seemed to assume the fish were placed there for his… Continue

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One Wet Owl!

Colorado Springs Utilities workers were in for a surprise one day last week when they were out working near the facility's retention pond. "I got a call from the guys," relates coworker Mike. "They found a very large, live bird in one of the ponds and weren't sure what they should do." Mike went over to the pond and found a Great Horned Owl in obvious distress floundering in the water. Knowing that owls shouldn't be in the water and knowing that… Continue

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Shot Down for Being a Nice Guy

by Jim Robinson

I really struggled the first year or two of high school. Not only was I being reminded that I should have learned my basics better in 8th grade math, but I was trying to hold down a job in the afternoons at the local variety store so my parents wouldn't have to fully support the expenses of my movie and sport activities. Once during this time of my life I had to make a choice on my own to pick out a birthday present and the repercussions of that event taught me to… Continue

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"Experience Colorado Springs"

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On Sunday, we took my friend Maria to the El Paso County Fair in Calhan.This was her first visit to Colorado and it has been a lot of fun showing her around our beautiful city. So far, we have taken her to the Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo, Pueblo hot rod show, Donkey Derby in Cripple Creek, Garden of the Gods, Rock Ledge Ranch, Cheyenne Mt. Zoo, the Cog… Continue

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Contributed by: amy whitesell on 7/20/2009

On July 24 and 25, KRCC presents Blues Under the Bridge, a two-day music festival featuring some of the hottest blues artists in the world along with a few of Colorado's great blues acts. Location for this event is UNDER the Colorado Avenue bridge at 218 West Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs. Because it is UNDER the bridge, no one will be baking in the hot sun or getting wet should it rain.… Continue

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Summer Fun at Prospect Lake

There's nothing better on a lazy Sunday afternoon than to pack up the kids and head to your favorite park to take a walk, play on the playground, ride your bike, shoot some hoops, go swimming, build sand castles, walk your dog, or smooch on a swing.

For Talena Freeman and her daughter Lily, catching frogs with her nephew Chonoak Carter was a great way to spend the afternoon at Prospect Lake. Chonoak would cast into the marshy area, and the large… Continue

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Attending Dream City 2020 Summit

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About 275 Colorado Springs citizens gathered Saturday morning at Coronado High School for Dream City 2020 Summit. Over the past several years 109 trained facilitators have gathered input from numerous focus groups involving more than 3,000 residents. Today was the report to the community on the future of our city.

It was a big deal event.… Continue

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NG Enterprises Founded to Assist Veterans

NG Enterprises, founded by Nicholas Gray, a former sergeant in the Army who served in Iraq, is pleased to present our four divisions of services to assist veterans and non-veterans alike in the Pikes Peak region.

The four divisions include Veterans, Finance, Lending and Franchise Brokerage Divisions are:

Veterans Division

Veterans 2 Business is an organization that was founded by Nicholas A. Gray, President & CEO of NG Enterprises, LLC. Veterans 2 Business… Continue

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Fountain Valley 5K For The Fallen

In late 2008, I met an amazing person. Her name is Susan and this is her story.

Her name is Susan Arnold and she is a native of Fountain, Colorado. She is a graduate of Fountain - Fort Carson High School, and a former teacher in Widefield School District 3, and she raised all three of her children in the Fountain Valley. She is proud to live and work in this community, and she is committed to supporting this diverse… Continue

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Harlan Wolfe Urban Farm ~ Sprouting Sustainability

In the past few months, you probably have noticed the transition from a lazy field into an array of raised beds, hoop tunnels, farm hydrants, and VEGETABLES taking place at the Harlan Wolfe Park on Cheyenne Rd. This land is now serving as The Pikes Peak Urban Garden's Urban Farm Project.

The Harlan Wolfe Urban Farm Project began in 2009 after the City of Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation approved the use of 2 acres of land on the… Continue

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Money Coach Corner - How Can I Save Money?

Last week with a car full of visiting family, the question came up, "How can I save?" My answer was simple and direct: "spend less." Five minutes later came a request to stop and get something to eat. Since my guests receive bed, breakfast, lunch, dinner, transport, and sightseeing, going to a fast food place was a want, not a need.

Step one to save money is to know the difference between wants and needs. Drop several "wants" each day… Continue

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