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"Starving Artist" Opens Doors for Business

For the last two decades, I tinkered with the idea of becoming an artist or a writer. Choosing one over the other would be like chopping me in two, so I pursued both interests as equally and often as possible. Eventually, my tinkering grew into a dream, and I longed for the day when I could say, "I'm a writer and artist," when someone asked what I did for a living.

Last year, I resigned from my receptionist job to chase these precious dreams full time. My husband simultaneously… Continue

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What does a Girl Scout do?

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All of the recent attention on Girl Scout Cookie sales, begs the question: "what exactly does a Girl Scout do?" As any of the more than 50 million American women who benefited from Girl Scouting during their childhood can tell you, Girl Scouting is an all girl environment where girls develop skills that will assist them all their lives.

A… Continue

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Consume SOS - Good Mothers

Friend and YourHub reader Michele Tennesen. writes:

Hi Mary Grace,

I wanted to get these thoughts off to you before they completely slipped my mind. Forgive me if you've covered this in your column.

My mother taught her eight kids that as consumers we have responsibilities. It was our responsibility to respect the merchandise in the store and buy or replace it if we damaged it. It was our responsibility to make a complaint at the time of sale if we noticed a… Continue

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Kempo Karate For Life

What is Universal Kempo-Karate?

Dian and Jan Megarry are the Universal Kempo Karate instructors of the Rustic Hills & Woodmen Hills/Falcon Branches. They are highly trained instructors in the art of self defense and have more than 46 years of teaching experience. They have been training with Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association since 1994 with Assistant Professor Joe Gardino. After receiving their First Degree in 2000 and… Continue

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Radio show offers listeners state capitol coverage

When Penny Welch moved from Portland, Oregon, to the rural town of Cortez in Colorado's remote southwest corner 10 years ago, she felt a dramatic difference in the political, cultural, and geographical climate of her new home.

Due to a lack of information and news coming from Cortez's limited media sources, she also felt disconnected from events in the state's capitol. As a person who likes to be informed about issues happening throughout the state, Penny looked for opportunities to… Continue

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The American Dream: Economic Equality

In the 1980s, LaTerrell Bradford's monthly salary of $1,000 didn't get her very far in Los Angeles. After paying for rent, groceries, and childcare, there was nothing left to cover her son's immunization shots or dental visits. So her son went without. LaTerrell's financial status changed dramatically when she got married and entered middle class life, but 20 years ago, she had to stand tall in the face of economic hardship.

"I was a single parent on financial assistance for a long… Continue

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No Place for Hate

School had been in session for scarcely a month when a painted swastika appeared near a boy's locker at Boulder's ManhattanMiddle School. A recent immigrant from Israel, he felt the swastika was targeted at him, and feared for his life. The principal, Martha Gustafson, instinctively washed off the graffiti. But that didn't erase the boy's fears - or her own anger about what she interpreted as hate.

The next day Martha addressed the student body with excerpts from a speech by Nobel… Continue

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Citadel Stays Open After Hours for Girl Scouts

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January 9 through March 8, Girl Scouts from all over Colorado will be hard at work selling Girl Scout Cookies. Girls collect orders, distribute cookies, count change, and manage cookie booths (which begin February 13).

Why do Girl Scouts work so hard to sell Girl Scout cookies? The answer is simple: to keep the cost of Girl Scouting… Continue

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The Owls are Coming!

Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

So whooo's making all that noise you're hearing this time of year, when you're trying to sleep? The hooting is coming from the Great Horned Owl, that's who!

The GHO is the largest owl we have in Colorado. Although you may never have seen one, the GHO is a very common bird, found throughout North America, and even Central and South America.… Continue

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Multi-instrumentalist Tim Reynolds to Appear!

Tim Reynolds & TR3

Contributed by: amy whitesell on 1/24/2009

Tim Reynolds has been playing music all of his life. Starting as a bass player in a gospel band in his hometown of St. Louis to his break through band in the 80's TR3 and forward to recording with and touring with the Dave Matthews Band and the Dave Matthews-Tim Reynolds Acoustic Duo. Tim's progression has continued through his last 8 years on the road… Continue

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Composting: "Black Gold for Great Vegetables"

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Contributed by: Larry Stebbins on 1/23/2009

Many gardeners and beginning gardeners are waiting patiently for the day they can get out into their gardens. There is still plenty to do on these long winter days. Planning where and what you want to plant is always a fun time at our house. Looking through the seed catalogs, visiting our local… Continue

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My Own Juno Story, Part 2


I hung my head in shamed silence.

"Is Shawn the father?"

I nodded, refusing to look at my scowling mother.

"For crying out loud, Stephanie! Didn't you learn your lesson the first time?"

Apparently not, I thought .

"Well, I certainly hope you're going to place this one for adoption! We accepted one black child into this family, we won't accept two!"

"Yes, I am," I assured her. "It's hard enough raising Matthew… Continue

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"Fun in the Sun" in Old Colorado City

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Sunday was such a beautiful day, so I decided to call a few friends and head to the ice sculpting event in Old Colorado City. People were walking around with tee shirts, that's how beautiful the weather was. It must have been at least 60 degrees in the sun. Quite a few of the sculptures either fell to the ground from the heat or just melted. The… Continue

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Consumer SOS-Six Little Things

1. True or False. According to the Federal Trade Commission( www.ftc.gov/idtheft) identity thieves use the following to steal your personal information:

A) The Dumpster Dive. Rummaging through the trash for personalized bills and account statements.

B ) The Skim. The use of a special storage device to 'double zip' your credit and debit card numbers.

C ) The Phish. Personal information gotten through spam and pop-up emails.

D) Just Call It Stealing.… Continue

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"Quilled Pig"

Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

I heard about a development that is having problems with porcupines. A wildlife rehabber friend of mine and I talked about how, as wildlife rehabilitators, this scenario isn't a big surprise to us when people move into an area that has been habitat for wildlife for years and years. I used to live across Parker Road from Cherry Creek State Park. Living there for almost 15 years I enjoyed seeing deer and various critters… Continue

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It Is Time

It Is Time

by Jim Robinson

MayEllen would be dancing in the streets! She was our maid during the 1950s on my grandparent's farm near Tyler in east Texas. She was also the mother of five and a sharecropper's wife, whose family lived on the back acreage in a ramshackle house on the same farm property. Her husband, Clarence, worked in town as a groundskeeper for the library. They could not afford to go to school, so my grandfather gave them jobs to do around our farm and paid… Continue

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Girl Scouts Celebrate "Hometown Heroes"

Girl Scouts have always been known for their community service. We also realize that today's high cost of living means that philanthropy can really make a difference. In keeping with that mission, the focus of this year's Girl Scout Cookie Sale is Philanthropy. Throughout the cookie sale and beyond, Girl Scouts are being encouraged to explore how doing something for others to make the world a better place can benefit Girl Scouting, their… Continue

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Contributed by: amy whitesell on 1/12/2009

KRCC-FM and A Music Company Inc. present Hamilton Loomis at the Crystola Roadhouse, 20917 E. US Hwy 24, Woodland Park, Co. The show will take place Saturday, January 17, 2009. The show starts at 7:30pm. Tickets are $12-$30 and can be purchased at KRCC studios, 912 N. Weber St, Colorado Springs (719-473-4801) and the Crystola Roadhouse (719-687-7879) or online… Continue

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Exciting times ahead.....join us!

2008 was a great year for LiveWell Fountain because we were involved with so many people in Colorado that are looking to improve the health and wellness of our fellow citizens. Thank you to the forward thinking citizens and community leaders that will help us realize our goals. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to all of you who helped LiveWell Fountain achieve amazing successes in 2008!

Looking toward the upcoming year, we are… Continue

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LiveWell Sustainably

Are you a concerned citizen? Concerned about your children's health and future?

Concerned about food security? Concerned about the future for Colorado?

Want to grow your own food? How can you legally bring more water to your gardens?

What does the future hold for the community regarding sustainable living?

Is this too many questions?

Be a part of positive change in Colorado and join Pikes… Continue

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