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Poetry West Workshop: Ars Poetica, Triolets, and Bad Love Poems

Poetry West Workshop:  Ars Poetica, Triolets, and Bad Love Poems

J. Diego Frey will lead a discussion of:  1 - Triple Your…


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Football loophole system review

Football loophole system review

Make consistent profit on any league in the world!


Learn how to expose an actual loophole that the bookies can’t plug.

* Set-and-forget system

* Follow the rules and watch the profits roll in

* The system makes use of one specific type of bet

You can use the system as often as you want.



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Football Loophole Review

Football Loophole – Make consistent profit on any league in the world!…


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Planning Your Meals To Promote Healthy Eating

Individuals who are serious about getting as healthy as possible should go ahead and implement this form of physical activity into their lifestyle. There are several ways to get started, including signing up for a weekly class at the local gym. Other  Teds Woodworking  options include attaining instructions from an online yoga instructor or purchasing instructional DVDs that can be…


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Important Steps to Attract Women

With many Russian Dating sites on the Internet, it is a must for potential participants to know the Russian culture a little bit to avoid the Russian Brides Scams. Many people believe that these sites are all scams and they are not. Also, many believe that these women are solely looking for a ticket out of their country, which is false also. There are many Russian women that are truly looking for love with Western men. If you know a little about their culture, it is easy to see…


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St. Mary’s Alum Named to 100 Best & Brightest

Colton Calandrella, a 2013 graduate of St. Mary’s High School, has been named one of the 100 Best & Brightest undergraduate business majors of 2017 by Poets & Quants. Calandrella attends Olin Business School…


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Discover Goodwill Honors “Star” Supporters and Achievers at 2017 Annual Dinner

(L-R) Discover Goodwill President & CEO Karla Grazier,

"2016 Helms Legacy Award" Honoree Roland Warren, …


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Place Profits Review

Place Profits - 1,330.76 PTS PROFIT AND COUNTING… Amazing horse racing tipping service!

Place Profits



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Your Mirror Is Making You Fat

Those with cognitive and genetic weaknesses and issues also experience difficulties in going to the bathroom on their own. Wearing comfortable adult diapers can help them urinate with considerably lesser hassle. Exercise is a big commitment in terms of time. Unfortunately, if you take this commitment it means that you have to sacrifice time that could be spent with your family.

Fat Shrinking…


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Contact Lens Care and Hygiene

For first time wearers looking TestMax Nutrition after contact lenses properly can be a slightly confusing subject. Most first time wearers are told that not cleaning their lenses properly can cause eye infections. However, it is not always entirely clear how to take best care of them.

Taking care of and cleaning your contact lenses properly is very important. Failure to do so might…


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Crisis Trader Review

Crisis Trader – LEARN HOW TO MAKE $1,500 EVERY SINGLE DAY. 100% Risk Free!…


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Understanding Gays and Lesbians

The Manifestation Miracle

Remember we are on this planet seeking spiritual wholeness (wholeness of self). Our minds are what feel masculine or feminine and we seek from that point of reality. The body implies we are indeed either male or female, and because seeing is believing in the physical world, we get locked into the idea that what we see has to be exactly what it is. We fail to look beyond what we see. We…


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Some Good Tips For Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the main concerns The 3 Week Diet for many people in the modern world. The deformed lifestyle of modern society and irregular diets have caused many health problems for the members of this society, of which weight gain is perhaps the biggest problem of all. However, there is no hard and fast cure to this problem as weight gain can be caused by a number of reasons and the cause must be eradicated to…


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Exercise to Remove Thigh Fat

The 3 Week Diet

Reducing the cellulite in thighs is the most difficult part. Although it is not necessary that one must lose cellulite. Certain points must be kept in mind when we talk of reducing cellulite.

Walking, jogging and running are best to get rid of cellulite from thighs. For this it is very important to increase the intensity of workout. Weight loss and cellulite reduction can be best done with the…


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JOIN NOW FOR THE BEST Betting TIPS AND START MAKING REAL MONEY! The Guaranteed Winners system website login:

This tipping service has been tried and tested and…


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Monaco Treasure Review

Monaco Treasure is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that uses cutting edge methods to LEGALLY and ETHICALLY beat the markets to CONSISTENTLY make at least $850 daily.…


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Guaranteed Winners Review

Guaranteed Winners – Learn How to make £81,806.34 in just one year on the horses!

Guaranteed Winners

This tipping…


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Local Volunteer Honored

         Linda Siebe was selected for the 2017 AARP Chapter & REA Unit Community Service Award.  This national award was signed by the AARP Volunteer President, Eric J Schneidewind, and certified by the AARP Chief Executive Officer, Jo Ann Jenkins in Washington DC. The award recognizes how Linda Siebe has, through her service, enriched the lives of friends and neighbors and made her community a better place to live.  The coveted award was accompanied by a letter of congratulations, a…


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Healthy Practices For Health-Conscious People

The generally accepted idea that says it is not possible to gain extra height beyond a certain age is not exactly true because there are some height increasing exercises to activate the human growth hormone in your body so it would be possible to gain those extra inches regardless of your age. Even if you haven't grown for years. Teaching children to swim from early age is proven to have many benefits. In addition to health, the water sports activities are also beneficial to…


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Steps to Make Him Want You More

Failure to ask good questions while dating can end up causing a lot of long term pain for all parties involved. The purpose of most dating should be to find out whether or not the two of you are compatible, hopefully so compatible the you want to spend the rest of your lives together. There are no shortcuts in this process of learning about yourself and the other person you're considering as a mate. Here's a few important questions to ask yourself and/or the person you're dating. …


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